Society » Sexuality: "Great Expectations (part three)"
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Great Expectations (part three)

Chrissie Bentley
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In the third part of our series, we look at some of the reasons a nice girl might say "no."


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Contributor: dooboige

Just a note about this: "You take off your clothes and get into bed with a man, and he is going to assume - rightly and almost 100% accurately - that you are about to fuck. He doesn’t need to ask, he doesn’t need to speak, and he doesn’t need to make unsubtle movements, gestures, or grunts in the hope of stirring you into action. He assumes, and he is correct."
I'm not sure what's meant here exactly, but I would have phrased this more carefully, at least. A man should NEVER simply assume that because his female friend has removed her clothes and gotten into bed with him that they are going to fuck. That could easily lead to something dangerously close to rape, or even to rape itself. Nothing should simply be assumed.



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