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Midori's Postcards From A Sex Nerd: The Toronto Travel Guide (Midori Style!)

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If you’re from south of the border—the Canadian border, that is—and have never visited Toronto, you’re missing out on a lot of fun...both vanilla and kinky.


North Bound Leather
North Bound Leather is to leather fashion what Mr. S Leather is to hardcore kink equipment. The quality of workmanship and leather is superb. Marty, the head of design, has the keenest eye for style and fantasy, and the clothes are made on premises instead of outsourced to third-world countries. North Bound can customize existing designs, or make amazing one-offs. (They made a leather shirt, based on their standard design, for my shorter arms and added French cuffs in a style of my pleasing.)

Come As You Are
Come As You Are is a multi-award-winning shop carrying goods and sponsoring events for the passionate lover in all of us. It’s a cheerful store full of the best quality sex toys, erotic books, sexy videos and works by local artists on the wall. On weekends, they’re just packed with erotic connoisseurs and giddy couples of all ages and genders.

Red Tent Sisters
For those interested in fertility and all aspects of women’s wellness, including sexuality, don’t miss Red Tent Sisters. I bought a cool inflatable birthing tub from Amy and Kim, the proprietors. I’m not having a baby, silly! It doubles as the best mini back yard pool or beer cooler, ever!

  Clubs & Events

The Leather Ball
Every fall, North Bound throws a huge party called the Leather Ball. It’s a see-and-be-seen, 2,000 to 3,000 guest event for people of every gender and persuasion. Folks show up from all over North America, decked out. The DJ spins totally danceable music on the huge main dance floor. There’s a dedicated play area, as well as a couple’s-only grouping lounge. The fashion show is sexy, kinky and slick. The runway show is usually choreographed by Marty, showing his couture fashion roots and performed by phenomenal models. Interspersed among the professional cat-walkers are the freak show performers getting naughty before your very eyes. Thankfully, the decency and exposure laws are different up there.

Fetish Nights
North Bound Leather also hosts various monthly naughty events. Some of you might remember the Betty Page Social Club from the ’90s. These current parties are what the BPSC morphed into. It’s more intimate than the Leather Ball, but quite dirty in action.

Goodhandy’s Pansexual Playground
Goodhandy’s is a space that caters to transsexual and transgender individuals, but always has something splendidly seedy going on for every kink.

Subspace Fetish Nights
Subspace Fetish Nights are held in the classic grungy, Gothy fetish nightclub setting for those of us who like things rough around the edges from time to time.

A new multipurpose community space called Renegades opened recently, with a lot of promise of erotic events and activities. I’ve yet to visit, but the grapevine is buzzing with juicy, positive reports.

The Black Eagle Leather/Levi Bar
Gay men, don’t miss the Sunday BBQ and the kink happenings at the Black Eagle Leather/Levi Bar on Church Street! It’s a fine place to congregate and cruise. Although it’s a leather/Levi's venue, it’s no problem to show up in your summer casuals for the Sunday BBQ.

Mr. Leatherman Toronto
Mr. Leatherman Toronto is the big annual leathermen cruise fest and flesh display. It’s a ‘feeder event’ to the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, so you know the men are all hot, revved and dressed up for the occasion. Get thee to a gym several weeks prior to MLT and pick up some hot thread for this special night.

The Pleasure Palace
Don’t miss the steamy sex parties thrown by the Pleasure Palace crew for women and trans folk. They take over a gay men’s multi-story bathhouse for the night and behind closed doors, the staffers and volunteers create a sexual paradise only imagined in lesbo smut stories! Forget the kissing booth, try the fisting room—she’s smiling and waiting for the next pleasure seeker! I can personally attest to its delightful wickedness, having “researched” this event in person.

Toronto Pride Festival
The Toronto Pride Festival is the largest Pride party in North America, bringing in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. I found a far more diverse crowd than many of the American Pride events I’ve attended. Queers from different countries find it much easier to get into Canada hassle-free. This isn’t surprising, as Toronto is possibly the most diverse city in North America. While Pride itself is not a sex or kink event, as with any Pride, there’s going to be spin-off parties all over town. Keep an eye on the flyers and posters in the Church Street gayborhood!

Now you have your list of kinky shops, clubs and events. Go book your flight! If you go to Toronto and don’t have fun, it’s your own fault.


Contributor: Kardynyl SynysTyr
Kardynyl SynysTyr  

A very lovely article about our very lovely town. Thank you for posting this. While I am admittedly, 100% GUILTY of saying and writing publicly that Toronto - and Canada in General - should showcase "homegrown" talent before inviting our American cousins (to show us a thing or twelve), I must say of anyone who visits our deliciously sinful burg, Midori is by FAR the most frequent, the most respected and without a doubt the most welcome "foreigner" to grace our Maple Leaf shores. Artists, organizers and facilitators like Sir Alex Dark, Craiger, Lotuslily, Lord Morpheous, SpeedyRopeGuy, Dark Angel, Lady J and Sex Geek wouldn't be quite so popular in our own back yard, admittedly, if Midori hadn't paved the way for them.

We have some attractive events here, now: Not just the Northbound Leather Annual "Leather Ball", as you called it, but the highly-successful Torture Garden Weekends, the incredibly well-received TEASE outdoor experience and the Church Street Fetish Fair every summer are all, truly, world-class events. I daresay Toronto is becoming the destination of choice for a good portion of Fetish and SM affectionists ...

We'll collectively look forward to seeing you in the True North, Strong and Free Thinking very soon we trust, dear Lady ...

(Note: You may want to think about removing 'Renegade' from your article, though: it's now closed amid some rather nasty happenstances, afraid to say!)

Contributor: Midori

@Kardynyl SynysTyr

Yes, the TG weekends! Totally agreed. I'm so happy that's been a success. I'm glad to have been involved a bit in that getting going...

And Church St Fetish Fair - how did I manage to leave that out! I've had some really fun times at that.

I didn't know that Renegades had closed. I was just in Toronto this summer and it seemed to be a cool thing... Sadly alt sex spaces do often come and go.

There's a lot more sexy stuff going on with Toronto, but I'm instructed to keep the article's word-count under a certain amount - so I don't feel like I did Toronto justice.
So I hope all the locals and regular visitors add their favorite sexy Toronto information in this comments section!

Contributor: sandmanbrian777

Greetings Midori:

I have taken several of your seminars over the years at ACT, Come As you Are,and with Lord Morpheus. Learned alot and enjoyed all of them. It seems all the notes and diagrams I took come in handy even years later!

Informative observations and I wished to add about BootBlacking. MLT (Mr.LeathermanToronto) sponsors the dual MLT Competition for Mr. Leatherman Toronto and BootBlack Toronto each November.
BootBlack's shine Boots, shoe's and other leather garments upon request. The donations are usualy given to a charity of choice, such as ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto) or some other Community HIV/AIDS service organization.
At Northbound's annual Leather Fashion show and event 2 BootBlacks are there and provide 100%
or money raised to the ACT BDSM Fund or other charity. I have been a BootBlack there for the last several years and it is always a delight to give a fellow Kinkster their first shine. Also in July there is the Church Street Fetish Fair with several blocks of Church Street closed to vehicle traffic and devoted to stage performances, seminars, booths for information and commercial sales. And of course at the ACT Tent we have BDSM seminars and a BootBlack. OK I will give you a prejudicial answer: it is I who provides the BootBlacking :o)
ACT has produced a glossy BDSM phamphlet with lots of eye candy which is given away for free, besides the free lube and condom pacts.
Oh I use the initials of my real first name and a shortened sandman to come up with the initials of BDSM.