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Stretching the Envelope: SexIs on the Scene at Mr. International Rubber

Edmund X. White:
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I am surrounded by male energy. To be clear: I am surrounded by hot guys, lubed up in skimpy rubber outfits. It’s the 14th annual Mr. International Rubber (MIR), a skin-tight fetish event in Chicago, that draws rubber-boys from all over the world.



Rabbit: - Excellent article and thanks for sharing your views on our little event. First off let me say I am happy you picked up on the two big themes of our event - Fun and Community. Without these our event would be nothing. It's nice to knwo that you picked up on that and without any official prodding. Hurrah!

Just a few items/corrections. This was the 14th annual MIR (not 10th). International Mister Leather is IML not IRL. (Minor detail but one that will not go un-noticed by some. and may confuse others.) IML actually spun off their own rubber contest and competition against MIR, but quietly put it to sleep after one year. MIR is actually an outgrowth of an earlier contest event "Mr. Vulcan Rubber." You can read more about it on our website at [] . Chaps are by design "ass-less" or else they would be pants (Grin), so the phrase "ass-less chaps" is a double negative of sorts in the leather/rubber/fetish world and quickly marks one as an outsider, unless said with a heavy dose of sarcasm to indicate that you are in on the joke.

I hope you will join us again. It is always refreshing to see new faces and see their reaction to the event. We're glad you could enjoy the energy in the room. Cheers!

William "Rubberwilli" Schendel
MIR2003 and Co-Owner
MIR Contest, LLC


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