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EdenFantasys Store Sacrifices a Virgin Porn Star

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Even some kink-friendly critics disappointed by implications of live deflowering event.


I made a thread about this on the forums [] and although I'm not convinced this is being done in 100% good faith the CEO has responded and has changed some of the marketing materials to something a bit more in line with sex positive values. That is honestly more then I was expecting so I'm going to give them the benfit of the doubt till I see how the event is actually handled.


By all accounts, it's going to be very ritualistic to suit their fans. We'll see, though, I guess.


Whatever happened with this? Don't you have to be a member to see the footage?


Kink is a site that largely has porn in which women are tied up and gang raped, forced to perform oral sex against their will as men call them dirty whores. And you're offended that they're take on virginity isn't very feminist? How is this surprising to anyone who knows anything about kink?



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