Health » Men, Aging, Disease: "Feds Say to Cancel that Prostate Cancer Test"

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Feds Say to Cancel that Prostate Cancer Test

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More risk in over-diagnosis and over-treatment, if you don't have symptoms.


Contributor: oldhippy

Excuse me, "Women Against Prostate Cancer" - This sounds like someones plan to just get money from the government for a group that doesn't even need to exist. Since when do women get prostate cancer? When did I miss that notice of change?

Contributor: Scottland Wayne Johnson
Scottland Wayne Johnson  

"Women Against Prostate Cancer" are needed because we men are too stubborn to get screened. Especially us straight men who get the heebie-jeebies about the idea of someone else touching our butts. Yes, I well aware of the gross over-simplification of the above statements which still doesn't negate the inherent truth.



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