Blogger Review Program Guidelines


One of the ways EdenFantasys works with bloggers is to send them products for review. Bloggers may review one product a month. The product reviews are arranged via the blogger’s coordinator.
The below guidelines are intended for bloggers who want to receive products to review solely on their blogs, and who are not Advanced Reviewers. For Advanced Reviewers or EdenFantasys community members who want to post your reviews to your blog, please read the Off-Site Review Guidelines.

If you are an Advanced Reviewer on EdenFantasys, you are not eligible to receive products to review solely on your blog. You are in the Off-site Program already.

Do I need to create an EdenFantasys account to participate?

You are always welcome to open an account on EdenFantasys, but you do not need to submit reviews to the website or participate in the forums if you’d like to review products on your blog. The shipment of your products will be arranged via your Blogger Relations coordinator.

How do I pick which products to review?

Your Blogger Relations coordinator will send you a list of products that are available for review. If you have specific requests, let your coordinator know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Please keep in mind that some products are not available for review, so you should always have a second or third choice.

What if I want to review products, but don’t want adult toys?

We understand that some bloggers might want to work with us, but do not want to review sex toys. In that case, you are free to review one of our candles, massage products, or lotions. You should also consider our Ambassador or Sponsored Post programs, where you can receive gift cards in exchange for posts.

Can I run a giveaway with my review?

Yes, but ask your coordinator first for approval. Every review should not have a giveaway attached to it. These should be occasional.

What should I write in my review?

Your review should be posted on your blog, on the blog’s front page* like a regular post, and should be at least 200 - 300 words. The review must contain at least two direct and meaningful links to the EdenFantasys website ( and/or its products. These links should be a general description of our products and services. Some examples of words you can use in the links include: Sex toy store, adult toy store, vibrators, adult toys, vibrators, sex community.

The tone and style of the review is completely up to you. It’s okay to be funny and creative. We want your honest opinion, in your own voice!

*We understand that some bloggers may have agreements with ad networks and may be forced to place reviews on a separate section of their blog. In that case, a link to the review itself on the front page of your blog would be acceptable.

I wrote and posted my review. What do I do now?

Once your review is posted on your blog, email your Blogger Relations coordinator with the URL. They will review it and let you know if it needs any corrections.

I want to review more products! How do I get my next product?

Send an email to your Blogger Relations coordinator when you are ready to review your next product. Be sure to let them know of any thing you are looking for, and if your mailing address has changed since your last review.

This all sounds great. How do I join in?

As long as your blog has been around for more than three months and is regularly updated, we’d love to talk to you about working together on reviews. Please fill out this form and a Blogger Relations coordinator will get back to you.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Please email and a Blogger Relations coordinator will get back to you within two business days.