Vibrators are the kings of the sex toy world - a vibrator delivers deep, rumbling vibrations in numerous modes to your sensitive spots and boasts amazing shapes, designs, and features that deliver an orgasm 10 out of 10 times. A vibrator is super customizable and has many patterns, turbo modes, and a memory feature to come back to your fave one.

Vibrators for women aim at her orgasm spots, stimulating her clit, G spot and booty with powerful bzz bzz - a vibrator makes every touch feel more intense. Male vibrators envelop his length and balls, sending vibrations all across his body. Some vibrators are great to use on your partner and tease during foreplay, arousing them.

Vibrators for couples deliver stimulation for both, thus making a simultaneous orgasm possible. A vibrator makes every sex position better and improves every self-love session. Sex vibrators work for every type of tease - so have fun! Explore how to use a vibrator and how to choose the best vibrator at EdenFantasys.


Shop Best Vibrators At EdenFantasys

Vibrators at EdenFantasys are the holy grail, the essence, the pinnacle of what we know and love about sex toys. This whole sex shop is made around loving vibrators, using vibrators, exploring vibrators, and all the numerous features, styles, and designs they can offer. The vibrator is a sex toy that gets the most innovation, the most hype, the most love - and for good reasons. Whether you are a beginner, looking for your first beginner vibrator, or an aficionado, you can’t get enough of vibrators. There is a vibrator for any occasion, for any body, for any fantasy - and here you can pick yours.

What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is a stimulating, unbeatable, all-pleasing sex toy designed to please and tease through vibration in multiple intensities, patterns, and styles. EdenFantasys’ vibrators come in countless shapes, sizes, and designs, each tailored to target different pleasure zones and deliver customized sensations to folks who play solo, together, vanilla, kinky, soft, hard, long, fast, queer, and everything in between.

A vibrator can be used to stimulate the body on the outside - clit vibrators, wand vibrators, nipple vibrators, all male vibrators - masturbators, vibrating strokers, vibrating pussies do that. And, of course, vibrators do penetration - g spot vibrators, the famous rabbit vibrator, dildo vibrators, anal vibrators, vibrating butt plugs, and so-so much more.

Types of Vibrators:

Whatever the type of play you crave, EdenFanasys has got a vibrator for that. Meet all the vibrator types and learn how to choose one:

Clit Vibrator

A clit vibrator is specifically designed to provide targeted stimulation to the clitoris, the most sensitive erogenous area on a woman’s body. Clit vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, including bullet vibes, wand massagers, and suction toys, each offering unique sensations.

Wand Vibrator

The mighty wand vibrator delivers merciless pleasure - it’s the most powerful vibrator on the market. EdenFantasys wand vibrators vary from extra small to XXL large, slowly growing in their orgasmic power - they are the vibrators used for squirting or for vibrator torture. They are the best vibrators for folks who need extra-strong stimulation.

Bullet Vibrator

Compact yet mighty, bullet vibrators and egg vibrators are discreet and versatile toys that deliver pinpoint stimulation both in and out. Ideal for beginners and travelers, these petite powerhouses pack a punch.

Rabbit Vibrator

Made famous thanks to its dual-action design, the rabbit vibrator stimulates both the clitoris and G spot simultaneously for blended orgasms. These vibrators usually have a ton of fun functions - thrusting, dancing beads, heating in the main shaft, and suction or tapping in the clit attachment.

G spot Vibrator

G spot vibrators feature a little curve that helps them target the G spot and deliver deep, stimulating pressure exactly where you crave it. Some G spot vibrators feature more cool functions for better G spot stimulation, such as - finger-like motion, pendulum-details, dancing or rolling beads, and even electro stim.

Thrusting Vibrator

Thrusting vibrator, or simply a sex machine, is a vibrator that moves on its own, penetrating with crazy speeds (up to 400 movements per minute) and good depths (up to 5 inches deep). Thrusting vibrators imitate the motion of a lover, except they do not get tired or change rhythm when you’re close.

Tongue Vibrator

Like the legendary rose vibrator, tongue vibrators, and clit sucking vibrators imitate oral pleasure, but a hundred times better than any real lover can. These vibrators rock realistic tongues or lifelike licking movements mixed with vibration, so they are fully capable of driving you wild with pleasure.

Panty Vibrator

Have fun in public, making foreplay last for hours with a discreet vibrator that slips seamlessly into your underwear for hands-free stimulation - EdenFantasys stores app-controlled vibrators, and panty vibrators just for the clit, dual action vibrators, and even options with magnetic clips that fit any underwear style.

Vibrator For Couples

From wearable C-shaped options to vibrating rings, vibrators for couples are made to connect two bodies in a symphony of pleasure, leading to one shared orgasm.

Dildo Vibrator

A dildo vibrator combines the design of a traditional dildo with the added feature of vibration - meaning it mixes the hunky veins and balls but also a deep, humming vibration. These vibrators are perfect for those who want a realistic experience with a zhuzh.

Anal Vibrator

Objectively, almost any vibrator can be an anal vibrator as long as it’s safe for booty play. Anal vibrators feature a tapered or graduated shape for comfortable insertion and a flared or T-shaped base to prevent unwanted travel. From vibrating butt plugs to vibrating beads and strapons, the booty vibrators add a new dimension of satisfaction.

Male Vibrators

A male vibrator is a sex toy designed to stimulate the male genitalia, including the penis, testicles, and perineum. Both a prostate vibrator and a vibrating pussy will upgrade his experience, going a long way from just the hand.

What Makes The Best Vibrator?

Vibrators offer so many benefits and pleasures - they might be the best sex toys ever made. Why?

  1. Versatility. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and functions, there is a vibrator that will be able to suit your unique preferences and desires.
  2. Solo and Couple Play. Whether used solo or with a lover, vibrators can add excitement and intimacy to your bedroom adventures.
  3. Enhanced Stimulation. Vibrators deliver powerful vibrations to stimulate your most sensitive erogenous zones, leading to intensified arousal and mind-blowing orgasms.
  4. Sexual Wellness. Regular use of vibrators can promote sexual health by increasing blood flow to your fun parts, relieving stress, and boosting mood.

Or take a look at our top 10 best vibrators list.

Where to Buy a Vibrator?

If you’re still looking for a sex toy shop to buy your vibrators, look no further - here, at EdenFantasys sex shop, you’ll find it all. Here's why:

  • Big range of products. Whether you're seeking basic models or high-end luxury options, we have a diverse selection to suit every preference and budget.
  • Competitive price range. We offer affordable vibrators alongside premium brands, ensuring that you have plenty of choices without breaking the bank.
  • Trusted reviews. Gain insights from fellow shoppers - we’ve got over 75K reviews that can help you make informed decisions about your intimate purchases.
  • Discreet shopping experience. Enjoy complete privacy while browsing our collection, with discreet packaging and billing to ensure your confidentiality.
  • Free shipping. Because we can.

EdenFantasys is your partner in crime and in pleasure - and there is nothing we value more than your comfort, satisfaction, and privacy. Browse our vibrator collection to find the best vibrator to explore your fantasies.

EdenFantasys Vibrator FAQ

Can I use a silicone-based lubricant with my silicone vibrator?

You can, but you better not. Silicone lubes can be abrasive on some sorts of silicone, which you have to check in your vibrator material info. Some silicone vibrators are okay with silicone-based lubes - but EdenFantasys water-based lubricant is a safer, smoother choice.

How to use a vibrator?

Using a vibrator is easy and intuitive, but here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Select Your Vibrator. Choose a vibrator that suits your preferences and desired stimulation, whether it's a clitoral vibrator, a G spot vibrator, or a bunny vibrator.
  • Prepare for Pleasure. Set the mood with soft lighting, soothing music, and comfortable surroundings to enhance relaxation and arousal.
  • Apply Lubricant. To reduce friction and increase comfort, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your vibrator and your intimate areas.
  • Experiment with Settings. Explore the different vibration speeds and patterns of your vibrator to find the combination that feels best for you.
  • Enjoy Sensual Stimulation. Gently press the vibrator against your clitoris, G-spot, or other erogenous zones, adjusting the pressure and position as needed to maximize pleasure.
  • Explore Solo or Partner Play. Use your vibrator during solo play for self-exploration and orgasmic release, or bring it into couple play to enhance intimacy and experience shared orgasms.

How to clean a vibrator?

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for prolonging the life of your vibrator and ensuring it stays clean and safe to use.

  1. Before cleaning, make sure your vibrator is waterproof or splashproof, or not waterproof at all, as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Wash the vibrator and any removable attachments with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap, or use the EdenFantasys’ sex toy cleaner.
  3. Rinse your vibrator under running water to remove any soap residue, ensuring all surfaces are clean.
  4. Pat the vibrator and attachments dry with a clean, lint-free cloth, or allow them to air dry completely before reassembling and storing.
  5. Store your clean, dry vibrator in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent damage - like in EdenFantasys’ sex toy storage.

How can I be sure my EdenFantasys vibrator delivery is discreet?

All of your order data, including the email, the bank statements, and even the packages, will not disclose the sender as "EdenFantasys" - it’s going to say "Webmerchants" everywhere. All of our deliveries are discreetly packaged in plain brown boxes or nondescript mailers, ensuring confidentiality and privacy. So, whether you're ordering one or multiple items, rest assured - it's strictly between you and us.