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1. Two tickets to paradise

Two tickets to paradise

Every year I do the '14 Days Of Valentine's,' similar to the 12 Days of Christmas, only love-themed. Last year I gave my partner a little gift every day with a pun on a card (like 'You are ‘soda'lightful' with a bottle of red soda). On the 14th I gave him another card that said: “You feel my vibe” with a couple's vibe. He was shocked at first because it was our very first sex toy, but boy, did we get a grip on it - it gave us our first ever simultaneous O! Must I say that this year I'm gonna do it again?! :D

2. The Queen of his heart

The Queen of his heart

One Valentine's day I decided to treat my BF to a sexy surprise. I paved the way with rose petals from the hall to our bedroom and waited for him nude on the bed. Here's the kicker, I shaved my public hair in the shape of a heart and painted it rose. I also decorated my booty with a butt plug, so only a perfect heart-shaped gem was visible)). When he entered, the view drove him wild. To this day, he still says it was the most impressive Valentine's night of his life.

3. The scene in the rain

The scene in the rain

It's been ages, but I still get turned on when I think back to that day. One time me and hubby stayed at this gorgeous resort in a room with an ocean view. On a day it started to rain pretty hard, we decided to stay in and order room service... One thing led to another and, before I knew it, he had his love ring on and we were making out on our balcony with the rain drenching us and cooling off our skin. We were quite exposed, which aroused us even more… Might seem crazy, but it was the best sex I ever had.

4. Bound to be pleased

Bound to be pleased

My wife and I never made a big deal of Valentine's day. So I was surprised when last year she organized a romantic candlelight dinner. When we were done with our dinner, she said she had a gift for me and that I had to guess what it was. After I failed miserably, she gave me a hint: “It is something both tangible and intangible.” When it didn't help, she put a blindfold over my eyes, tenderly bound my hands with cuffs and rode me until I exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm. Were the sensations she gifted me with tangible or not? I don't know, but I think I do have a very clever and loving wife who gave me a perfect Valentine's day gift.

5. Playing for keeps

Playing for keeps

Several years ago, a week before Valentine's, my wife was blunt enough to tell me she doesn't orgasm when we have sex. Not really something you want to hear after 5 years of marriage... so I ordered a rabbit vibrator. On that Valentine's day we tried and succeeded - I watched her experience not one, but multiple orgasms - that day was really the most enjoyable Valentine I ever had.

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