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Redbook's Love Your Sex Life Book by Hearst
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Dubbed "The busy girl's guide to getting busy", Redbook's Love Your Sex Life offers a variety of ways to keep the spark going no matter how long you and your mate have been together.

With tips on everything from dressing sexier to fitting in intimacy even if you have children, this book is an excellent go-to guide for ideas and inspirations if you're feeling like sex is losing its zing.

Chapters include live sexy, keep your clothes on, sweet talk, get off the couch, shake it up baby, trouble-busting in paradises, and ten sexy habits.

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    Lisa Sussman
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    2007 year
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    • darthkitt3n
      Writer, rank 6.7/10

      If you are a married working woman with children, this book would be perfect to help spice things up. It offers a lot of tips on how to pretty much work around having a job and children. The constant referring to "the kids" and "husband" can get kind of annoying if you are not married and have no children, though. In my case, replacing "kids" with "cats" can make it work.

    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.3/10

      Redbook's Love Your Sex Life book is a creative book that is targeted towards mid-life women who live busy lives with their children and husbands. The formatting of the book is amazing with colorful drawings, large text, and easy-to-find titles and headings. The ideas are organized in a way that makes it extremely easy to improve your sex life, but at the same time, the ideas are not as unique as they could be. Regardless, it's a good book to look into.

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