Past times besides work and "Fun?"

Past times besides work and "Fun?"

jryder3891 jryder3891
I have been sitting around Lately after work with nothing to do.

I wanted to know what you guys and Girls do in your past time to make your day go by well. Besides having fun by yourself and with your mate. Is there anything else you do?

Im not talking sleeping and sitting at home watching TV. I mean Physical stuff.

Looking forward to seeing your guys favorite past times.
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Breas Breas
I enjoy artsy projects. Painting, sewing, etc. I also enjoy doing hair, but it's usually my own hair. I like doing braided extensions but my hair is so long now that I haven't done this for awhile (growing it out for Locks for Love).

I know you said "watching tv" is not an option but I really do enjoy watching movies lol.
Geogeo Geogeo
Anything to do with going to the beach. So much to do there.
js250 js250
We go hiking with our little dog in the mountains every night. We live 10 minutes away from the Forest Service, so it is pretty easy for us to do. A lot of times, we target practice with our .22's. Then it is check for tick time--hate those damn crawly things!!
married with children married with children
it is summer time, so my list is longer when the weather is nice. I like to go shooting guns, hiking, designing and building furniture, working around the yard, playing sports with the kids, reading books, playing video games, and as work.
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