Spotlight on FunFactory Minivibes (and a contest!)

Spotlight on FunFactory Minivibes (and a contest!)

Kayla Kayla

Have you seen the neat EdenCafe giveaway that we have going on this week? If not, you better go check it out!

This week, on EdenCafe, we're giving away some of the neat FunFactory MiniVibes! Made of body-safe material, each one of these little mini-vibes is small enough to take with you anywhere! The technology is the exact same great technology that can be found in their larger counterparts, but in these smaller vibrators, you can take your pleasure anywhere!

Plus, this week, we have an interesting way for you to enter! If you donate to help Joplin by using EdenPoints or your giftcards, you are eligible for entries into this giveaway! You can use your EdenPoints or any extra giftcards that you have lying around to help donate to help Joplin! Don't have any giftcards lying around? You can also earn extra entries if you blog about the Joplin fundraiser and EdenGivesBack! Helping people while still getting a chance to win great toys; how awesome is that?

If you win first place, the Bimini Ocean or the Bimini Flash could be yours! Along with the vibrator, you'll also get a bottle of ID Glide to enjoy your new toy. Both of these silicone vibrators are rabbit-style sex toys that are rechargeable through the FunFactory Click 'n' Charge system. Each one features easy-to-use controls on the front of the vibrator, and each one comes in cute, summery color choices. Each one is also small in size for easy travel as well as waterproof for a dip in a pool to escape the heat. What do the reviews say?

Darling Jen writes a great review for the Bimini Ocean and says “...if you have a shallow G-spot, love strong vibrations, and desperately need a waterproof vibe this could be for you! When it arrived I myself was a doubter, but now I am a true believer that size isn't what matters! This has become my go-to vibe for all occasions! I love you, Bimini Ocean!” ~LaUr3n~ says “The BiMini Ocean wowed me in a lot of ways. The new rechargeable magnetic technology makes it fun to use and maintain. The amount of variety in vibration is super impressive and because of its size, it is non intimidating. I can be loud on the highest levels, but is quieter when inserted. The Ocean is of course, also waterproof. The gorgeous color and shape make it unique and pretty!”

What about the Bimini Flash? KaraSutra reviews it and says “I pretty much LOVE the BiMini Flash! It’s easy to use, easy to care for, made of body safe silicone, waterproof, very powerful, rather quiet, soft and supple, latex and phthalte free, but most of all, it’s the perfect size for amazing g-spot stimulation (and in my case, clitoral stimulation too!)” while winterwhite says “While this isn't my favorite toy of all time I was really, really impressed by this toy. The strong vibrations in a small stature make it a great travel companion or toy for first timers. The quality was great for the price and the universal charger is a really nice feature for those looking to start or expand a toy collection. Options for water play and general fool-proofness make it a strong option for partner play as well.”

If you win second place, you'll be able to choose from either the Minivibe Bubbles or the Minivibe Spring. Both of these cute, Spring-like vibrators feature velvety silicone material and also are rechargeable through the FunFactory Click 'n' Charge system. They include multiple speeds and are waterproof for bathtime play.

Don't just take my word, look at what the reviewers have to say about the Minivibe Bubbles: Liz NuMe states “Bubbles is a fun little g-spot vibrator that is sure to please. It is made of 100% body safe silicone that is squishy yet firm, and does a great job of distributing the vibrations which can be quite powerful at the higest settings. Fun Factory's new Click N' Charge technology makes this toy not only easy to recharge, but also makes it completely waterproof. Which means you can play with your Bubbles in the tub or shower as well as on dry land.” and Airen Wolf says “This is one amazingly innovative toy. It is rechargeable but doesn't have an open port for the charger; it uses magnets! This means it can be literally used anywhere. The vibrations are strong and easily felt and the patterns cause a sensation like undulation when inserted. It is 100% silicone and well worth the investment.”

The Minivibe Spring gets great reviews too! Carrie Ann gives it a stellar review and says “The Spring mini vibe from Fun Factory is, in a word, amazing. Small, discreet, rechargeable, very quiet, body safe, strong, with deep vibrations that travel through its entire body. The Spring is excellent for clitoral stimulation or shallow vaginal penetration. This isn't a full sized vibe so don't expect a full sensation, but absolutely expect a little powerhouse of clit toy!” and Lady Venus says “The Spring is cute to look at and fun to use. It is discreet, rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and made of food-grade silicone. Small enough for beginners, but strong enough for the advanced. With a wide range of powerful vibrations, the Spring will have you "Springing Into Orgasms"!”

Third place will win a $25 giftcard which will help you purchase one of these vibrators for yourself!

You had better go check out this amazing contest to take home some cute and quality vibrators! Plus, let me know which one of these little FunFactory Minivibes you'd like to take home!
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Bimini Ocean
curmudgeoncat , Kdlips , Darling Jen , ToyTimeTim , Waterfall , ElleMNOP , sarki , Zeroelement , Vegan Silk , Misfit Momma , catalunalilith , loreennamk , Rhazya , Shellz31 , Booktease , PaleBeauty6 , sausagelover
Bimini Flash
Sammi , Taylor , Mr. & Mrs. Peg , Kake aka PoeticErotica
Minivibes Bubbles
P'Gell , Kindred , Pinkhare , ToyTimeTim , Mr. & Mrs. Peg , Vegan Silk , catalunalilith , geliebt
Minivibes Spring
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Kdlips Kdlips
nice all of them
Sammi Sammi
I love the Bubbles, and I'd like to try the Flash too
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Ohmygod I loooove my Bimini Ocean!!! Love love love!
Waterfall Waterfall
I want the Bimini Ocean, but the Bubbles looks like fun too.
sarki sarki
I want the Ocean
Mr. & Mrs. Peg Mr. & Mrs. Peg
We have the Ocean and LOVE it. Guess we would want to get the Bubbles or the Flash.
milfstatus milfstatus
I like the ocean
milfstatus milfstatus
I like the ocean
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