Spotlight on Extase (and a contest)!

Spotlight on Extase (and a contest)!

Kayla Kayla

We have a great contest going on this week over at EdenCafe! I know a lot of people have really fallen in love with these vibrators in the past, and now you have a chance to win one of your own! These luxury vibrators by Extase vary in shape, size, and strength so you can find your perfect vibrator for your own preferences.

So what can you win this week on EdenCafe? First place will win their choice of the Elegance vibrator or the Liberte vibrator. Second place will win the Zenith vibrator while third place will win the La Metropole vibrator. What a large selection of fun toys that you could win!

The Elegance is a rechargeable, traditional-looking vibrator that comes in black, pink, and purple. The vibrator is made from 100% silicone, and it includes twin motors for even more sensation and stimulation. This vibrator also is splashproof and includes multiple speed settings to adjust perfectly to your every desire.

Don't just believe me- check out what some of these reviewers have to say. JobThingy says “Using this as an internal toy is phenomenal. The various patterns of the two motors rolling back and forth felt incredible. Externally it was amazing as well. The vibrations are deep and there are so many combinations you can put it on, well, lets just say I was pleased as punch. Elegance has made it into the regular rotation over here.” while Mr. and Mrs. Peg say “However you play with the Elegance, you are bound to have a great time. We are extremely happy with our Elegance. We are pretty sure you will be too.”

The other available first prize is the Liberte vibrator from Extase. This silky-smooth plastic vibrator is contoured to hug your body for the best stimulation. It includes back-lit LED lights, and it's small and quiet as well as splashproof. This small, discreet vibrator is also rechargeable and comes with quality packaging that's made to last.

Alan and Michele both give their opinion in their review with Alan saying “As a couple I'd say the best thing about this toy is how easy it is to make Michele feel good with it. It seems that I can't go wrong with it as long as I've got it facing the right direction (which is a no-brainer). I also like that I can hold it in one hand and still have fingers free to do other things.” while Michele says “The more I use toys the more I learn about myself, and I've figured out that if a clit toy's vibrations are deeper/thuddier, it doesn't take as much power to get me off. The Liberte is like that; not crazy intense, not for the 60-second "quickies", but plenty to take me over the edge with time.”

If you win second place, you could take home the Extase Zenith which is a g-spot vibrator that comes in black, magenta, and pink to suit your personal preference. It is also splash-proof, and this vibrator also happens to be made of soft, silky plastic. With a powerful and quiet motor along with body-safe materials, this g-spot vibrator aims to please.

But does it do it well? According to these reviewers, it does! Dwtim says “Out of all my vibes that I use the Zenith is by far th best. The shape is very pleasing and the angle finds my prostate with ease. I have been enjoying turning the Zenith around and around just inside the opening of the anus. This provides a massaging effect and this allows the anus to relax in preparation for bigger toys.” while Tuesday says “Zenith is as effective as it is beautiful. It offers deeper vibrations than most internal vibrators and seven vibration modes.”

Last, but certainly not least, if you win third place, you could win the La Metropole which is a small, discreet vibrator that is body-safe. Coming in multiple color options, this vibrator includes five different speeds and an LED light. Not only all of this, it comes with a box that is great for gift-giving, and it's made from both aluminum and plastic.

This vibrator has received some good reviews too! TattooQueen says “After a few months of using this I still love it! It is my go-to toy for quick orgasms now. I love how small it is, it makes it really easy to be able to put into any bag and take on the go. The little velvet type case has also come in handy it keeps it discreet when in a bag so no one knows what is in it.” while Airekah says “While it may not be the most action packed and intensely vibrating stimulator, it definitely does get the juices flowing. I will keep this chic and fun vibrator in my collection for a very long time.”

Go enter the Extase Giveaway and tell me which one of these beautiful toys you want the most!
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La Metropole
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VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
I've wanted an Elegance since before they were available for purchase. Hooray for a chance to win one!
Ajax Ajax
The Elegance and the Zenith are the two i'm excited for.
kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
Whoohooooooo I entered mine in.
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by VieuxCarre
I've wanted an Elegance since before they were available for purchase. Hooray for a chance to win one!
Yeah; I've wanted an Elegance for ages. Still on my wishlist.
Sammi Sammi
The Elegance and Zenith look fun - and I love the colors they come in!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Still lovin the Zenith. I would like the Elegance next.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I entered and tried to win but I didn't. Oh well!
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