Spotlight on LELO Insignia Toys (and a contest)!

Spotlight on LELO Insignia Toys (and a contest)!

Kayla Kayla

With the LELO Insignia line, luxury is more than just a concept, and with the EdenCafe contest, we're making it easy for you to experience this luxury for yourself! The Insignia line was designed for use in water, and the waterproof silicone body and the easy-to-grip design have made these vibrators stars for water-play. Plus, the ergonomic design and the rechargeable vibrations mean that these vibrators can really live up to their status as luxury toys.

Did you see what different prizes you can win in this contest? There's quite a few, and no matter what place you win, you're still going to be able to experience the luxury for yourself! If you win first prize, you'll be taking home the rabbit-style Insignia Soraya! In case g-spot pleasure is your passion, if you win second place, you'll be taking home the Insignia Isla! What about third place? Well, if you win third place, the Insignia Alia will make its way into your wanting hands. That's a lot of available prizes that you can win at the EdenCafe LELO Insignia contest, so you should go enter!

The LELO Insignia Soraya is the first item on our tour-de-Insignia. This rabbit vibrator includes a flexible clitoral arm, and like the rest of the Insignia line, it's made of body-safe silicone. With a 5 Vroom rating and a 1 bee rating, this vibrator puts out the power without any of the noise. We've had some reviews on this product as well, so check out what they have to say!

The reviews of the LELO Soraya have been positive as well! In Victoria's review, she says “Finally, a dual stimulator that is silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, powerful, ergonomic, multi-function, and travel-friendly. The Soraya is a dream come true for those who love simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. This toy is excellent for play in bed, in the bath or shower and for travel. It is worth the price to have something so well-designed and effective. Women of the world, rejoice!” Love Buzz also gives it high praise and says “The Soraya is the jewel in the crown of LELO's most recent line of insignia vibrators. A dual stimulation vibrator that teases and pleases your G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. It features 8 different vibration patterns, all of which are very powerful whilst managing to remain whisper quiet. I'm so in love that all my other toys have been relegated to the bottom draw.”

The LELO Insignia Isla could be the g-spot vibrator for you! The Isla closely resembles the Soraya except it doesn't have the clitoral arm that the Soraya does. It does, however, still include the g-spot curve, so this vibrator can be used for g-spot stimulation as well as external stimulation. Available in cute colors, the reviews have been pretty positive over the Isla as well!

In her review, Waterfall says “It is the perfect size and shape for nice g-spot stimulation and the vibrations are deep and pretty strong. As part of the Insignia line, it is also water proof and screams "luxury sex toy" as soon as you look at it.” Shellz31 also gives this vibrator a positive review and says “What can I say – WOW! I thought her sister Alia was the bees knees but Isla is all that and more. As much as I can't speak for Soraya at this stage, if you only purchase one from the Insignia line, I highly recommend Isla over Alia. They are both fantastic toys but I personally get just that little extra from the insertable over the clit vibrator.”

Last, but certainly not least, there's also the LELO Insignia Alia. This small and discreet clitoral vibrator features a hole through the center to make it easy to grip onto. The buttons are flush with the vibrator itself, and it's available in quite a few color choices to best fit with your preferences. This vibrator has the most reviews out of the Insignia line, and it seems like you, the reviewers, seem to like it!

Shellz31 reviews this vibrator as well and says “Just like that ring, Alia does have some wicked to her – in the fact that this vibrator has taken my pleasure zones hostage (I'm not complaining) and has me wrapped around her proverbial ‘little finger'.” Carrie Ann also wrote a review over this vibrator and says “The Alia, part of LELO's INSIGNIA line, is an elegant clitoral vibrator with an ergonomic design and a discreet, palm sized shape. With moderate vibrations, both in intensity and frequency, this pleasure object should work for just about anyone. It provides pinpoint vibrations at its tip, more diffuse vibrations thru its body and is nearly silent in use. Perfect for solo use, use during partner sex or all over, light body teasing, the Alia is a luxury vibrator worthy of the LELO name.”

There's a special entry this week as well! You like to have fun when you enter contests, don't you? Well, this fun activity gives you more ways to enter and makes it really fun! Every day, you can come back and take a guess at the LELO product that we're featuring! We'll release hints throughout the week, and when you stop in, read the hints, and give your guess, you'll get a bonus entry. How neat is that?

What are you waiting for? Go enter the LELO Insignia contest and truly experience the luxury of these vibrators! When you do, let me know which one of the LELO Insignia vibrators interests you the most.
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Darling Jen Darling Jen
I vote the Alia ONLY because I already have the Soraya and love it.
newfoundlust newfoundlust
All 3 look interesting, but the Soraya and Alia catch our eye the most.
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by Darling Jen
I vote the Alia ONLY because I already have the Soraya and love it.
The Alia does look pretty great! I love the design of it.
Anjulie Anjulie
the soraya is pretty. I love the colors of these
Shellz31 Shellz31
I have Alia and Isla - love both. So the Soraya would just complete my set.
But I don't bother with the contests.
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by Anjulie
the soraya is pretty. I love the colors of these
I do too. The colors of the Insignia line is just so gorgeous.
KinkyKrissy KinkyKrissy
I have been dying to get a Soraya for quite a while. Maybe one day between points and my one gift card I can afford it
Orion Orion
The Soraya is fun but kind of wish we went with the Isla.
Hibangel Hibangel
In the market for a rabbit, so the Soraya may be for me.
biancajames biancajames
Originally posted by Kayla

With the LELO Insignia line, luxury is more than just a concept, and with the EdenCafe contest, we're making it easy for you to experience this luxury for yourself! The Insignia line was designed for use in water, and the waterproof ...
I tried a friends soraya but would prob prefer the alia
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