I've seen squirting dildos but not many black ones...

I've seen squirting dildos but not many black ones...

speedqueen speedqueen
I think I've heard about some good ejaculating dildos but none with really good detail and that are brown/black, does doc johnson make a good ejaculating dildo? does anyone know, anyway, eden should carry them
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Squirting dildos? Squirting dildos!
HOly crap!!! I just saw the banner for squirting dildos, am I the only one who thinks this is friggen awesome?!?! I've never heard of this before but.

Question about squirting
If you squirt when you have a clitoral orgasm do you always squirt? If I have clitoral orgasms and have never squirted could it happen ever? J/w if.

I can squirt, so I'm not going to ask the 'how do yous', however, my squirting seems to be more of puddling if you get what I'm saying..


Squirting dildos - what do you use for cum.
I'm thoroughly intrigued by the idea of a squirting dildo but I'm not entirely sure what would be good to use for the actual cum, more particularly...

First Squirting Experience
I squirted for the first time the other night during intercourse and it was so unexpected! Sometimes it's very hard for me to orgasm during sex even..
dv8 dv8
You could always get some from Bad Dragon.
Rossie Rossie
Originally posted by dv8
You could always get some from Bad Dragon.
Holly Wood Holly Wood
Icon is coming out with one, don't remember if it's already been released or not, but it's the Flash Brown Squirting Dildo.
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