#Rumble - August Review Rumble

#Rumble - August Review Rumble

GingerAnn GingerAnn
Welcome to our #August Review Rumble! Here, great reviews are nominated and winners get rewarded.

It was immensely tough to narrow down from many-many reviews you gave in this month - the overwhelming majority deserves a prize!

Please read each entry and vote for the review(s) you like best.


- You cannot vote for yourself
- You can vote for up to 3 reviews

The writer of the most liked review will get $15, the second runner-up will get $10 and the third runner-up will get $5, all to be spent toward a brand new toy!
Total votes: 21 (13 voters)
Poll is closed
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
WOW competition looks really tight this time! I'm so excited
Lisset Finnien Lisset Finnien
Originally posted by GingerAnn
WOW competition looks really tight this time! I'm so excited
Stressful lol
GingerAnn GingerAnn
Originally posted by Lisset Finnien
Stressful lol
The #ReviewRumble is closed now, and we have a few apparent winners in here

- Lisset Finnien and CoffinGirl get the 1st place, along with $15 gift cards

- subtyrant gets the 2nd place and a $10 gift card

- BabyMakeItHurt and bobless007 and get the 3rd place and $5 gift cards

Congratulations to you all, guys! You did a fantastic job, and I deeply thank you all for keeping up the good work
Looking forward to reading more great reviews
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