#Rumble - February Review Rumble

#Rumble - February Review Rumble

Leil@ Leil@
Welcome to our #February Review Rumble!
Here great reviews are nominated, and winners get rewarded.

It was immensely tough to narrow down from many-many reviews you gave in this month - the overwhelming majority deserves a prize!

Please read each entry and vote for the review(s) you like best.


- You cannot vote for yourself
- You can vote for up to 3 reviews

The writer of the most liked review will get $15, the second runner-up will get $10 and the third runner-up will get $5, all to be spent toward a brand new toy!

Thank you for your vote!
Total votes: 23 (10 voters)
Poll is open till 4/5/2019 12:00 AM
Mar 8, 10:17 am
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Cheers for Leil@ and her amazing choices! Well done everyone, fabulous reviews this month - tough competition
Mar 11, 8:06 am
Leil@ Leil@
Dear me, iovys with her outstanding review about Mr. Erectus immediately took the lead! Let's see if anyone can beat them!
Mar 14, 11:53 am
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