#Rumble - January Review Rumble

#Rumble - January Review Rumble

Leil@ Leil@
Welcome to our #January Review Rumble!

Here great reviews are nominated and winners get rewarded.

It was immensely tough to narrow down from many-many reviews you gave in this month - the overwhelming majority deserves a prize!

Please read each entry and vote for the review(s) you like best.


- You cannot vote for yourself
- You can vote for up to 3 reviews

The writer of the most liked review will get $15, the second runner-up will get $10 and the third runner-up will get $5, all to be spent toward a brand new toy!
Total votes: 35 (19 voters)
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Feb 8, 9:42 am
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Hey, you guys!
As you can well see, I wasn't the one posting the Rumble this month. Some of you may already know our brand new Review Manager - the lovely Leil@
She's supes excited to come out and begin her work on the forum.

Since she's managing your reviews now, we figured it would be only natural for her to manage the Review Rumbles, too. After all, she knows what's up with your awesome reviews.

This month, she had picked some truly outstanding reviews - so go ahead and vote!
Feb 8, 10:14 am
Leil@ Leil@
Thank you, GingerAnn, for the introduction!

I am extremely happy to work with all of you, guys! It will be my pleasure to hold Review Rumbles from now on!

I take huge delight in reading your reviews. Every review is fascinating and great in its own way, and it was incredibly hard to pick out only 6 of them for the Rumble.

I'm deeply grateful to the authors for their amazing job and look forward to finding out who will be the winner!

So let's get voting and good luck to everyone!
Feb 11, 3:57 am
Leil@ Leil@
Hi everyone!
Today is the day when the January Review Rumble is over, and we are finally announcing our winners!

I'd like to say big thanks to all of you who provided us with wonderful reviews and voted! It has been a great pleasure reading your reviews; they all are amazing!

And now I'd like to congratulate

- QueenofEverything81, who becomes the undoubted winner with her review "Oh Mylanta!", and gets a 15$ gift card

- Mistress Lizzie, and her outstanding review "Time for some kinky fun exercise", who gets the 2nd place and a 10$ gift card

- And OH&W, Lovebears with their amazing review "Advanced Anal Fun" who take the 3rd place and a 5$ gift card.

Cheers to you, and let's get ready to the February Review Rumble!
Mar 8, 9:34 am
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