SexIs Round-Up 15

SexIs Round-Up 15

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Whether you are hitting the road for the holiday weekend or spending a quiet long weekend at home, you are gonna need stuff to read, right? Never fear, SexIs Round-Up is here! (Ok, I promise never to do that again as long as you check out the great week we had)

Midori – An Interview with Laura Antoniou, the author of The Marketplace BDSM series

“I claim the title of pornographer because I believe people use other terms disingenuously. Often erotica simply means “a sex story I like,” while pornography means “sex stories those degenerates over there like.” It’s all the same to me—sexually explicit work intended for adults. My Marketplace series is a set of lengthy novels with expansive plot and character development, and that makes it different from, say, “Trucker Boys in Bondage.” But we’re both pornography.”

The Naked Reader:Sex and Travel Cinema—Tucker Cummings takes us through the lush scenery of both classic and recent movies celebrating passionate travel.

“Travel liberates us, and opens our minds to possibilities we would never consider back home. So it seems only natural that there is an element of the erotic in all types of travel. You try new food, meet new people, explore a new city. Your senses are on high alert, stimulated by all of the newness that surrounds you. Excited by your new surroundings, chances are you might experience another kind of excitement as well. One thing leads to another, and suddenly you are swept up in the romance of travel, and the heat of the moment.”

Tuesdays With Nina – When You Have Trouble Maintaining An Erection
Anna’s boyfriend has trouble maintaining an erection. Is a cock ring the answer? How do you use one safely? Nina addresses these concerns.

The Appetites Project: Gluttony Meets Lust: An Interview with Molly Ren by The Beautiful Kind

“Molly Ren is a chubby, kinky, switchy, bi girl with a feederism fetish. She is a dominant feeder, which means she likes to feed boys by hand until their tummies bulge out and they cry for mercy.”

Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: The New High Art

“I ran across an article the other day discussing the cultural pressure to see TV as great cultural art(ifacts) and as another way of keeping up with the Joneses. But really, this article posits, whose life was enhanced by the watching of 100+ hours of Lost? Was that really, truly necessary?”

Mr. Sexsmith muses, “Can good television lead to empathy, or is it just another ‘opiate of the masses?’”

The Sexpert Series: Dr. Patti Britton Interview by Elizabeth Black

“America’s Sex Coach,” Dr. Patti Britton (link), is a nationally board-certified clinical sexologist and world-renowned sex coach. She’s the author of hundreds of articles and four books, a popular speaker, the original “sexpert” for, and host of 35 DVDs about sexuality. Vivacious and outspoken, Britton is a breath of fresh air in a field crowded with talking heads and questionably qualified sex gurus. Here’s what she had to say about getting the best sex advice.

The Bloggess—The Strangest Things People Sent Me This Week

The Bloggess’ latest collection of links to the bizarre, odd and laughable.

How the trend in Mommy Porn continues to be thriving trade by Cole Riley
(Cole Riley is currently the interviewee for the Eden Fantasys community interview through Sept 10th)

“Back in the day when I was in the middle of puberty, I was intrigued by the allure of older women. My father had a roomer in those days. She was a woman from the Delta, curvy and plain speaking, so comfortable in her body. I couldn’t get enough of her.

Six months after her arrival, she started meeting me in her rooms after school. She was a great teacher in the art of love. She was forty and I was in my mid teens. It was a revelation to see her fully undressed, a cram course in adolescent desire, and the classes were easy to learn from her.”

Online Dateless by Lady J—A tongue in cheek guide for clueless men and women on how to improve their profile appeal for online dating sites.

“Want to see my latest matches?” Heidi asked, pulling up her account on a popular dating site. Having never ventured into the digitized pick-up joint that is online dating, I was intrigued. An attractive divorcee with two teenaged children, a profitable business and a cutting sense of humor, Heidi is a force to be reckoned with and I didn’t understand why the dating website had yielded so few dates since she’d activated her account. After studying her profile, examining her matches and perusing other potential suitors, I understood fully.

To put it lightly, her matches were social lepers.

This week, in the sex news:
Emmy and Nicky Awards Big, Bold and Gay-Friendly
The Glenn Beck Sex Tape that Wasn’t; Tables Turned in Stripper Picket; Mad Men Star Can’t Get a Dress
Male Sex Slave Ring Busted; Condoms, Camels and Fashion; Sex Doll River Rafting in Russia
The $18,000 Bionic Girlfriend, Ladies Night Challenged in Court, Sacred Bondage
Rodriguez’s Not So Subliminal Nude Tricks, Tea Party Candidate Knocks Self-Love, Romance Game goes Both Ways

There you go, y'all! Hope everybody has a great holiday weekend—see you when you get back!
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