Vibrating tongue ring!!!

Contributor: MamaDivine MamaDivine
So here is my dillema. I FINALLY am with a guy that has a tongue ring. Never had that pleasure. So now that I am married to a wonderful man who loves oral, and has a tongue ring, the one site that I go to for all my "sensual/sexual needs" does NOT offer a tongue ring vibrator! eeek! lol. I need some help here EF, I would LOVE to see you carry something of this nature! Im not talking about those stretchy "rings" that slip over your tongue (we tried that last night and let me tell ya, it totally killed the mood) because it wouldn't stay on his tongue I Would love love loveeeeeeee it if we could possibly get a real vibrating tongue ring item at EF! Thank you!!!

I think the one that I used to see around was called "Turbo Tongue Joy"? Not sure if that is the right one Im thinking of, but anything that can actually be attached to the tongue ring itself would be fabulous
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