You put in a plug with a narrow neck. Then it won't come OUT. How do you relax your anal sphincter to get it out...short of the dreaded ER visit?

You put in a plug with a narrow neck. Then it won't come OUT. How do you relax your anal sphincter to get it out...short of the dreaded ER visit?

Bignuf Bignuf
Had a new toy with a VERY narrow neck. Only got it out using a LOT of lube squeezed in between muscle and toy using a fine plastic tip applicator designed for a medicine cream, that happened to be at hand. Add to that some real attempt at mentally relaxing. Hubby got it in there fine while playing with me, by thankfully he was there to get it out...took about twenty scary minutes. I will NEVER use that toy again!!!!!

So, has this ever happened to you or your lover? If so, what did you do to get the thing back out???? (It has a neck less then 1/4 inch, on a 1 1/2 inch traditional "anal plug" (silicone) with a nice flared base. Don't recall the exact name of the plug as we often get toys, unpack them, wash them off, put them in a zip-lock and then just put them in the nightstand or the "toy drawers", ready for use. This had been in there over a year.

Anyway, what is YOUR solution to that near "uh, oh" event!!!
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
The Pure Plug line all have very narrow necks - so the bigger your plug - the greater the chance of this happening. Since our largest is the medium we have been able to get it out just fine. If I were to use the large or 2.0 I would ask my wife to add some extra silicone lube and pull slowly but steadily allowing me to open adequately.
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
I've only had this once, and it was before I knew a lot about anal play. It wasn't with something that big, but it did near give me a heart attack. It was only last year that I started playing anally, and after a semi-successful run with a jack rabbit vibrator, I decided it might be a good idea to insert a bullet as well. So, a few nights later, I inserted my bullet. I LOVED it. However, when it came time to pull out, I found that I couldn't get the bullet out. The second it didn't just slide right out I was terrified. It was only my 2-3 experience with anal and I didn't have anyone I could call if I DID need to go to the hospital. After a few minutes of calming myself and sitting down to just push, I finally got it out.
Needless to say though, I was horrified, and I had no interest in anal for some time after that. The toy itself was messy (something else I wasn't familiar with) and there is nothing like being scared you're going to lose a toy inside of you to get you turned off of something. I've learned since then, of course, that putting corded bullets back there is a BAD idea, but I obviously learned the hard way. >//<
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
The one I have that has a small neck (Njoy 2.0) I always pull it out every so often to prevent that. I also use silicone lube with it so it never dries out. I find squatting and pushing helps at times too.
Ghost Ghost
I squat down like I'm peeing in the bushes and then just relax. Usually pops right out.
ScottA ScottA
Don't panic if this happens. The danger with "lost" anal toys is if they might get stuck or (especially) if there's a sharp enough edge on them to cause damage. (BTW "stuck" means something like a vibrator or a stiff toy that's longer than it is wide that can get hung up on a fold or something and cause pressure damage. Rare, but probably possible). Your buttplug doesn't have any of these risks - it'll just stay where it is until it comes out. Worrying causes you to tense up your anal muscles which will keep it in place.

Sometimes on toys the lube gets absorbed, which makes it a bit harder to remove - this could be why you had trouble at first. Once you relax you can use your fingers to rub some lube around the toy and anus (include the inside of the anal canal). This will both lube the toy and help to relax your anus.

If all else fails go watch a film or something to take your mind off it and try again later. Going through your "going to the bathroom" routine can help as well, as you need to relax your anus to successfully do that.
Clandestine Clandestine
That sounds pretty scary, though at least it wasn't completely lost inside of you. I've never been in the situation, but what everyone else has said seems like really good advice. If the plug is long enough, wiggling it a bit by the base might stimulate some smooth muscle action which could further encourage it to evacuate... But that's just a guess.

I've always been iffy about traditional cone-shaped butt plugs for this reason. Ones with smooth tapers on both ends (The Tantus Ryder is a good example) are generally easier to remove because the taper is gradual and more "natural".

In any case, I'm glad you have safely removed it.
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