What size harness should I buy??

What size harness should I buy??

MommaTrucker MommaTrucker
My bf and I want to try anal sex.. on him. i've never bought a strap on ever. and idk what size harness i should buy. i wear like a 15 in pants size if that helps any. but i really want to try this and well i need help cause i don't want to get the wrong size. you know? thanks
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ScottA ScottA
Many harnesses list size in inches - take a tape measure and see what you need. Do yourself a favor and get a decent harness - Sportsheets, Aslan Leather, SpareParts or Outlaw Leather. Cheap harnesses are uncomfortable and don't work well.

If you haven't tried using handheld toys I'd advise doing that first. It will let you know if you both like the idea of pegging before spending money on a harness, and it's also good for checking out positions and insertion methods.
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