How can i make oral sex better for him?

How can i make oral sex better for him?

Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
Tell me all your tips and tricks.
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ToyGurl ToyGurl
Try a genital massage BEFORE oral sex. Get some oil, similar to Don't Stop by Booty Parlor, or Oil of Love by KamaSutra. Don't use too much, because he will cum right in your hands... but use enough to keep his dick lubricated.

Start massaging around his penis first. Start by sweeping in through this thighs, almost as if you are scratching him, but more of a tickle. This relaxes his penis and his body. Then start by rubbing his pelvis, all around his shaft, but NOT touching his penis yet. Then start gently massaging his scrotum, or lightly scratching/tickling. You can get rough with testicles, they aren't really that sensitive for most men. As long as you aren't racking them with your hands lol.

You can then start massaging the shaft with your hands. He may not be flacid, but this doesn't mean it doesn't feel good. Do not jack him off, only massage it. As he gets harder, take the palm of your hand and place it lightly on the head of his cock. Rotate your hand around it, while barely touching it. This adds stimulation and will increase sensitivity during the blowjob.

Then, the most important thing is to massage the perineum. This is the area underneath the scrotum, and extends to the anus. You will feel a hard bump, and that is were you massage it. Sometimes it wont get hard until after you massage it. You'll know when you've hit it because he will tell you that it feels really good. Use two fingers and massage this as if it was your G-Spot. Using up and down or circular motions, getting rougher and rougher. But don't press it too hard unless he is okay with it. Pay attention to his face.

You can continue this throughout the blowjob by keeping your hands around his cock in a diamond shape, with your thumbs underneath his scrotum massaging the area. Try swirling your tongue around the head of his cock while it is in your mouth. Makes for an amazing sensation.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
A great thing can also be to watch him masturbate. See how he holds his cock. See if he strokes his balls from time to time, or plays with his cock before actually jacking off.

Just like many women, men also do the pre-masturbation fondling. They run their fingers lightly up and down their cock and balls, or sometimes even massage their genitals themselves. I didn't know a lot about this until I saw my fiance doing it in the shower. It's really cute to watch lol.

But this will give you a better idea of some of the places he likes being touched. If he doesn't touch his balls, it doesn't mean you should massage them. He may have never tried it before. Try licking them, and he's sure to go crazy. A lot of men like the sensation of their balls in a females mouth, especially when they lightly shake their heads. good luck!
moonch1ld moonch1ld
Use your hands and get it nice and wet. Also a bit of pressure is nice, just don't squeeze too hard.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Miss Anonymous
Tell me all your tips and tricks.
This is silly and simple. Wash together first (shower or bath). Then make sure you have waterproof sheet or towel under you. Then PAINT his cock and balls with any flavor of your FAVORITE Jelly...yes, plain old jelly (DO NOT EVER USE AS LUBE..that sugar WILL create an infection), but let the jelly be room temp or better yet, have it floating in a warm water bowl, so it is warm. Then just lick it all over. My hubby goes WILD for this, and it is a VERY reasonable calorie breakfast for me...ha, ha.
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