I'm looking for new fun ways to eat my GF out

I'm looking for new fun ways to eat my GF out

SexyBigEars69 SexyBigEars69
I love eating my GF out until she moans heavily, her legs ends up turning to jello, and shaking like a leaf. But i feel like I've hit a little creative wall and you can share some creative experiences. This is what i've done so far.

1) Licking her clit with champagne on my tongue and let bubbles tickle it

2) swish mouthwash for a few seconds then eat her out, leaving a cooling sensation

3) The tongue tube (genetics has blessed me)

4) Making words and alphabets with my tongue

5) eating out with an ice cube in my mouth

6) turning my tongue into a vibrator by humming

7) waking her up by eating her out

8) eating her our after fucking and cumming inside her

9) eating her out while she's on top of me, on her side, and on her back,

10) getting my tongue hot by drinking a little bit of hot tea

11) torturing her by continuing to eat out after she gets an orgasm

12) a little food play

That's a quite a lot, but it feels like there are some stuff i didn't do yet, and i keep finding bogus infos on other forums.
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
First of all, applause from me for such dedication - that's amazing and you are amazing. It's really important to bring pleasure to our loved ones in many different, exciting, opulent ways.

Secondly, here's a guide you can brush over to maybe get some new ideas and inspiration. It's a pretty thorough cunnilingus guide, with different techniques - maybe, just maybe, you'll find something new for you there. Check it out.

Here's another guide - oral sex positions guide that you might find useful. Nothing extraordinary, just some inspiration sparkles.

I know this might be a long shot since you're only stating that you like to eat her out, aka using your tongue, but we here in our business say that the best oral is always a little "handy". So here are some techniques of clitoral stimulation with fingers that might add some cool sexy weapons to your arsenal. This was initially a guide for women and masturbation, but I'm sure you can figure it out of you deem this up your alley.

Hope this helps!
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