Ladies, when you are being eaten out, do you ever start to worry that you're taking too long to get off?

Contributor: Hallmar82 Hallmar82
Sometimes either of us take too long and we just switch to doing something else.
Contributor: garylangworthy420 garylangworthy420
i always worry
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
I haven't had it often enough, and I do feel like I take too long the few times I've had it ... so it's gotten to the point in which I'm ambivalent about oral sex done to me at all, and try to avoid it happening when I do get with someone. I do enjoy it ... but then it becomes "Why the hell am I taking so long if it's this awesome??" So ... nada.
Contributor: Doll In Dungarees Doll In Dungarees
Sometimes. It's been a while since I've been intimate with anyone though, so it's hard to remember how long it takes.
Contributor: WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
I don't feel bad for the time spent, I just don't want his jaw to get tired before I get off. That's what I worry about.
Contributor: marshmallow marshmallow
yeah, a little self conscious sometimes
Contributor: Life's Little Secrets Life's Little Secrets
I am posting for my gf, I asked her this question and she said no of course not. She knows that if she isn't enjoying it to correct me or give me hints on what to do so that I can get her off. This is more of my request then hers, because if she gets me off I feel terrible if I can't get her off.
Contributor: beautifulbombshellVI beautifulbombshellVI
I feel your pain. : (
Contributor: Cora Jane Cora Jane
I try not to think about it too much, but I do worry about it from time to time
Contributor: Upyourreviews Upyourreviews
Originally posted by ViVix
So, I'm a chronic worrier. Despite the fact that I end up giving blow jobs for an hour, I still worry that when it's my turn, I take too long. Sometimes I even just turn it down. Do other girls worry about this?
I worried with some guys, because I knew they were impatient and at that point it just turned me off and took me longer. If you have a partner who enjoys it, you end up enjoying it more and taking less time. In my experience, anyways.
Contributor: Mrs.Intensity Mrs.Intensity
This was a very comforting discussion!! I do worry about it too... I think I take much longer from oral sex than from penetration to be honest :/ . I still LOVE that my man wants to go down, but sometimes that's just not how I "O".
Contributor: don45 don45
You should not worry at all. If you are enjoying it great let him keep going, odds are he is too. It is a journey to enjoy and if you communicate what you are feeling then you should not worry. I would rather here honey can you do "this" for me now instead? Than keep going wondering if you are getting frustrated. Relax and enjoy and let him know if he is getting tired he let you know and then he can massage you with his hands or some other part. I would love to go on and on with that and change up the intensity and angles and depth and pressure if it is being enjoyed. It is wonderful to GIVE and recieve. Good luck to you!