Anyone wearing GREEN for St. Patrick's Day, 2014?

Anyone wearing GREEN for St. Patrick's Day, 2014?

Bignuf Bignuf
If yes, is that common in your area or town?
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Yes, I am wearing something green today for St. Patrick's day.
dv8 , wrecklesswords , BlackOrchid , C&K0143
Nope, no green for me.
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PadoruLover PadoruLover
I forgot which I'm ashamed to say since I'm Irish but I did find green in what I was wearing so I didn't get pinched. Yay me!!
dv8 dv8
Did anyone use green sex toys?
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I wore green today! My mom had some cute shamrock earrings on her embroidery machine, and I wore my shamrock socks, and my green mountain dew shirt. aaaand, I made green velvet cupcakes.
BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
I'm a day late, but I did wear a little green yesterday. At my job, we're encouraged to wear that color. I also saw a lot of my customers in green. One woman had the prettiest silver necklace with a pear/teardrop shaped dark green emerald gem.
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