Romantic versus Sentimental

Romantic versus Sentimental

Ansley Ansley
Are the terms interchangeable in your opinion?

People often mistake me as a romantic, but I think I'm just really sentimental about certain things. I'd much rather be in my living room and spending time with my husband than on a trip to Paris or something like that.

Is anyone else in the same boat?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
To me, sentimental is a bad thing. It's an overabundance of emotion. The healthy version of that is sensitivity.. which could correlate to romance.

I think you're saying that you don't view the world romantically but you are romantic about certain things. I don't think you have to be romantic about everything to be a romantic. If you're just romantic about your relationship, you're still a romantic.
Steven Mink Steven Mink
Being romantic will get you some bonus points, and being sentimental leaves you open to humiliation.
Roz W Roz W
I think both those words are about ascribing meaning to your feelings, or feelings to certain things that are meaningful to you. And that's not a bad thing (though it is possible to overdo it).

"Romantic" is more about relationships.
"Sentimental" can overlap with "nostalgic" but it doesn't have to.
It's ok to define the important parts of your life in ways that you like and find meaningful.
mpfm mpfm
I view sentimental as being more nostalgic. It's looking thru past photo albums, holding onto momentos & souvenirs, rehashing old memories...etc. Perhaps wistfully trying to hold unto something that's long gone.

I view romantic as doing things to create feelings of love in the moment. It's spontaneously kissing, taking weekend trips, candlelight dinners, pillow talk, etc. Romance can include both big and small gestures.

According to my definitions, I'm not very sentimental. I do like romance though.
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