Sensory deprivation...

Contributor: Mama88 Mama88
How do I hint to my vanilla SO that I want to try some sensory deprivation? He doesn't respond well to bluntness! So I need to get his attention and almost make him think it was his idea
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Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Help us out here - first do you want him to do something to you - or do you want to do it to him?

Second - what is that you want to do/done?

Wrapping a scarf around a man's eyes then giving him a BJ - is kinda of no brainer... It's a start...
Contributor: SexyBigEars69 SexyBigEars69
Blindfold play is the way to go
Contributor: Lena Eden Lena Eden
Getting a satin blindfold like SexyBigEars69 suggest or wrist restraints might be a good idea.
Please check some of the beginner sets here.
Contributor: AlaskanBeauty AlaskanBeauty
What is sensory deprivation?
Contributor: Lena Eden Lena Eden
Originally posted by AlaskanBeauty
What is sensory deprivation?
This is something that's very exciting
You can find out more about the Sensory play here.
Contributor: lock down lock down
I second the tie/blindfold/scarf idea. It's a simple fix and easy to do based on what you may have laying around the house. Could do something to him and maybe hint at him doing the same with the blindfold/makeshift on yourself as well.