A guide to the world of BDSM

Cock and Ball Play

This is known as cock and ball torture (CBT), but most men that participate in it don't consider it torture at all. BDSM torture is a type of discipline and can involve the use of pain, pleasure, and teasing to push emotional, physical, and sexual endurance. Cock and ball devices are useful tools in the intense exploration of bondage and sensation play. For those that may be nervous with the idea of manipulating the package in this manner, try to keep an open mind and a playful attitude because it is worth experimenting with different kinds of stimulation. You may surprise yourself and your partner(s).

Cock Ring

Though not designed specifically for BDSM play, the cock ring is usually the central idea behind most cock and ball devices. Cock rings are used in vanilla (non-BDSM sex) play and they come in many different styles, as well as materials. Most cock rings are worn around the whole package (the balls and the shaft of the penis), they are used to prolong, enhance, and intensify erections by trapping the blood inside the genital area. Because cock rings have the ability to temporarily make an erection harder, bigger, and last longer, they make sexual intercourse more satisfying for the player being penetrated.

It can be put on in various stages of arousal depending on the type of ring, but most rings are easier to put on when semi-erect. While wearing a cock ring, most men keep an erection harder and for longer periods of time than usual. Wearing a ring can be beneficial in different ways depending on the person. The experiences range from more intense sensations, to more powerful orgasms, prolonged ejaculation, and orgasm without ejaculation. Many people like the aesthetics of the cock ring; with or without clothes on.

Some experienced users wear them for long periods of time; this is not recommended for beginners. Novices should wear a cock ring no longer than 20 minutes, like other forms of bondage, as you become more aware of your tolerances, you can adjust the time table. Also with any type of bondage, make sure the person restrained is not losing color, turning cold, or experiencing numbness; if this occurs, take off the ring immediately.

Most rings can be taken off after the erection starts to go down, but others can be taken off at any time. In case of emergency, most cock rings can be cut off. Rings which are not stretchy or adjustable can only be taken off once the erection goes down; the only thing to do is wait it out or try cold water.

Strap Rings

Straps are usually adjustable and can be put on or removed at anytime which make them good cock rings for beginners. They are made of leather or synthetic material and can be put on the package at any stage of arousal. Just bring the scrotum and penis together, take the open strap, place it under the scrotum, bring the sides up over the base of the penis shaft, and connect the strap together (usually snaps or Velcro).

Some straps have metal studs that can stimulate a partners genitals and rub against the wearer's perineum (the skin between anus and scrotum; aka taint, grundle, or gouche). A cool trick for a strap cock ring is removing it just before orgasm; it's similar to letting a bucking bronco out of a rodeo stable.

Loop Rings

Loops are usually made of silicone or other rubber; they have a cincher bead to adjust the size/pressure of the ring (like a cowboy's bolo tie). They can be put on at any time during arousal and easily removed, but not as easily as a strap ring. They are so versatile; they can be used around the whole package or just the shaft of the penis. Because they are completely adjustable, they are very comfortable, but some men do not like the excess length of the loop brushing against their skin (you can cut the ends off if you like). The bead can be positioned to provide a nice pressure point for your partner to rub against.

To use: loosen the ring using the bead, bring the testicles through the ring (one at a time), then push the penis through, and tighten the ring using the bead. You might try a little lubricant to help put it on, it makes everything just slide into place.

Silicone/Jelly Stretch Rings

These are great rings because they are super stretchy, very comfortable, and usually have little nubs/fingers to simulate your partner(s) during sex. Don't let the size fool you, the average silicone/jelly ring stretches up to four times its size. They can be worn around the whole package or just around the penis. After purchasing one, try stretching it out around a bottle to break it in a little.

Putting on the stretch ring is easier with the use of lubricant. Just lube the ring and your package, stretch the ring out over one testicle, then the other, and then push the penis through. It is much easier to remove stretchy cock rings after losing an erection and you can use lube to help slide the ring off.


O-rings come in two styles; rubber and metal. The rubber varieties are not as stretchy as the jelly variety, but they are also bigger and don't have to stretch as much to accommodate most sizes. The metal rings are beautiful to look at, but are better for more experienced cock ring users because they are harder to put on and take off. Metal rings are also non-adjustable and come in different sizes.

Put on your O-ring when you are semi-erect and use lube to help slide it on and off. Slip one testicle through the ring, then the other, and then push the penis through. O-rings are best if worn around the whole package and can only be comfortably removed after losing the erection.

Vibrating Rings

A favorite of the ladies, most the vibrating cock rings do the work of the traditional cock ring and then put in some serious overtime. The majority of these rings are made of silicone or jelly and are thicker than the average ring; they need to support the weight of a mini removable vibrator or one that is built into the ring. Most fit like regular rings, but some are just attachments to put around the shaft.

On many rings, the mini/bullet vibe is strategically placed in a nub at the top of the ring for clitoral stimulation during penetration. That same nub can be positioned below the scrotum for stimulation of the perineum (the skin between anus and scrotum; aka taint, grundle, or gouche). There are vibrating rings that come with two mini vibrators: one for perineum stimulation and the other for clitoral pleasure. This marvel of modern science is also popular with women who own dildos and want to add a little vibration to their experience.

Cock Cages

Devices that involve one or more cock rings to restrain the penis and scrotum. Cages are primarily made of leather and metal, but some use rubber O-ring attachments. Caging a package is done for several reasons; discipline, chastity play, sensation play, and aesthetics. For some Doms, a cage is meant to arouse Sub/Bottom that wears it, but restrict him from being able to use that erection.

There are a wide range of reactions to caged play; some men get harder than ever, other men cannot get a full erection but remain semi-hard while wearing it (this is part of torture and chastity play). The multi-ringed Gates of Hell Cage is not meant for intercourse but the more exposed styles like the English Cock Cage can be worn during penetration. There are different accounts of cages worn during intercourse; some say it feels good for both partners, others say it feels good to the player being penetrated but not the cage wearer, and some say it is painful for both players. By caging an area during foreplay, it will make the man wearing it all the more grateful if it's taken off for intercourse or other play. Cock cages offer a way of surrendering the package to the Dom's will, not to mention how sexy they look on the man wearing one.

Beginners need to be aware of the sensations that are happening during the use of cages. Try using the cock cage as part of your masturbation; while wearing it you can caress the penis, play with the testicles, or watch porn (but not allowing yourself to masturbate). Once you experience the feeling, then you can decide if you like that sensation or want to try a different type of play. Start slow, be very gentle at first with a caged cock and then increase the intensity of play. Once you incorporate it into partner play you can try anything from oral stimulation, gentle caresses, light slaps, however you want to experiment with the caged cock. And remember the rule for beginners; do not wear the device for longer than 20 minutes until you are familiar with its effects.

English Cock Cage

Known for being the triple threat of cages; it combines a leather strap that restrains the whole package with a metal ring for the penis shaft. The strap and ring are connected by two thin, leather strips; one that rests on top of the penis and the other that sits between the testicles as a separator.

Gates of Hell

A cage that uses a traditional cock ring that restrains the whole package in conjunction with several other rings for the shaft. The gates feature a series of penis shaft rings aligned on a leather strip which runs down the length of that shaft and is connected perpendicular to the cock ring. The rings get progressively smaller in size as the get further away from the testicles. The last shaft ring is meant to be worn just below the head of the penis and provides a pressure to the sensitive vein underneath it. The rings can be made of leather, rubber, or metal; they come in different sizes and are sometimes removable so you can change the style of rings. This device is most effective when put on in a flaccid state, as the penis becomes hard (from direct stimulation or other forms of arousal) the pressure from the rings becomes more intense.

Cock Sheath / Sleeve

A sheath is a form of cock bondage that can be painful when tightened, or merely aesthetic. They are usually made of leather but come in latex, PVC, silicone, or chainmail. It restricts the penis from skin to skin contact, but creates a whole other sensation when you run you hand over the sheathed area. Some say that by sheathing an area during foreplay, it will make the man wearing it all the more grateful when it's taken off for intercourse or other play. There are other sheaths designed specially for intercourse, but are not meant for BDSM play. A sheath for penetration has nubs for increased friction to bring some texture to intercourse. Sheaths can be enjoyed at any level of experience and intensity. Beginners should not wear the sheath for longer than 20 minutes until you are familiar with its effects.

Ball Stretchers/ Separators

The stretching and separation of the testicles can be an intense feeling of pleasure and pain. These devices can pull the testicles down away from the body, push the scrotum forward, or separate the testicles in the scrotal sac. This type of restraint is almost always made of leather with metal adornments. Some are attached to cock rings (like the English Cock Cage), some look like wrist bands and collars for the balls, and most have attachments for weights (if you choose you use them).

A lot of people may not understand why a man would want to stretch and/or separate his testicles. There is pleasure involved in the process, even for those not into painful sensations. The weight of the testicles is a pleasant one and the feeling of that weight pulled gently downward increases the sensitivity of the scrotum. Stretchers are less intense and a bit more comfortable than separators. Separating the balls causes a great source of pressure to the midline septum (aka the area between the testicles) which can be an uncomfortable, yet powerful sensation to explore.

A technique for delaying or preventing ejaculation is pulling the testicles downward when the sensation of coming feels eminent. Stretchers can provide the ability to prolong ejaculation in this manner. A lot of men are unable to ejaculate while wearing a stretcher; men who are able to come wearing the device, tend to do so with great intensity. When the balls are being stretched or separated the movements made are very deliberate, there is a heightened sense of awareness, and intercourse is very different; a novice wearer will be more careful as he penetrates a partner when wearing a stretcher/separator.

Beginners tend to be intimated by stretchers and separators, the feel that you are supposed to add weights to them and this is scary. You do not need to attach weights, it is true that most toys are equipped for them, but even parachutes (which are almost exclusively used with weights) can feel pleasurable without them. Beginners should not wear these devices for longer than 20 minutes until you are familiar with the effects.


These are similar led fishing weights and can be attached to most cock and ball devices. They come in sets that let you add more weight in small increments. Weights can also be attached to nipple clamps and are used by Tops to inflict a long period of droning pressure. This can have any number of combined effects: a Bottom can learn to endure the feeling of constant pain to build up tolerance, the Bottom can focus on the pain and let it heighten awareness of every other sensation, and it can restrict the Bottom's ability to move.

Beginners should first get a stretcher or parachute and try it without weights, once you are familiar with the sensation you can add weights little by little. Parachutes are better for beginners because they do not restrict the blood flow as much as other cock and ball devices, but they will slip off if too much weight is applied. Beginners should not wear weights for longer than 20 minutes until you are familiar with the effects.


Clips that can be attached to the nipples, genitals, or other body parts to create a sensation of squeezing and pinching. They also are used to make the nipples or clit look erect. They are usually metal with rubber tips, but there are plastic variations. They provide a constant pain and tightness, but the real intensity comes when you take them off. The longer a clamp is left on, the more it will hurt when you take it off. Most clamps are designed for nipples, so they come in pairs, sometimes connected by chains. These chains can be used to restrain the player by the clips, to add weights (though most have a ring for this use), and so you don't lose one like you lose a sock.

Clamps can be very brutal and pleasurable; some clamps even vibrate. Novice users should start with adjustable ones such as tweezers style clamps. The more painful types, such as the clover/butterfly clamps, are non-adjustable and will apply more pressure when pulled. They will cause complete stillness in the person wearing them, especially if they are attached to weights, a chair, a bed, a railing, or another object. Beginners should build their endurance slowly, because of the painful effect after removing clamps. Also, beginners should not use clamps longer than 20 minutes in a row until familiar with the experience.

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