My reviews, any way I can improve?

My reviews, any way I can improve?

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Hi there, I have no completed 8 reviews, and my first free assignment with review. Antipova has been a real help in the editing of 3 of my reviews. I always read other reviews, especially those by advanced reviewers who have done 100 or more. But I still feel i'm missing something in my reviews, just some element seems missing and I sometime's feel they aren't really complete.

There is just so much information to put into a review, I sometimes feel i'm leaving important things out. I understand that it usually takes multiple reviews of the same product so that everything is covered. But I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look at my published reviews and give me any constructive criticism? Or maybe I am putting things in my reviews that aren't even needed. I do preview using the extended review system though, it helps me get more of the details out.

You can click on my name and look at my 8 reviews there if you like, unfortunately i'm being lazy and don't want to post each link lol.
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You can always go through the mentor program again if you think you're missing something. You're not limited to one time.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Hehe this is true, it's probably just me, i'm always trying to perfect things, even when someone says its fine the way it is. After all I know the reviews are supposed to be our opinions of the product, how it worked for us. I'm not trying to improve on ways to sell it to people, but making sure i'm getting the important information and making sense in the process haha

As one of my friends would say "I don't need to hear your life story just get to the freaken point"

Ok I'll stop being lazy, here are the links to my reviews.

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Grooves Like Jagger

A Beginners Penis Ring

A Baby Carrot Not For Eating

Not sure what’s so organic about this

A Tidal Wave of Vibrations

It’s definitely locked and loaded

Definitely an Original for me
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