Plug for public fun

Plug for public fun

DiscreteKink DiscreteKink
So it has always been one of my fantasies to have an anal plug in while in public, and even better - one that can get me off.

I tried looking around in the forums and found some discussions similar, but nothing quite what I am looking for.

My question is simple - which anal plug would be best for extended wear in public and possibly have the ability to massage the P spot. I can take fairly large plugs, but I have yet to really find my P spot with a toy.

Any suggestions - especially with personal experience would be fantastic.


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Why Not? Why Not?
For wearing plugs out in public I have always been a big fan of the Pure plugs from Njoy Pure Plug Large.

The shape really locks it into place which is an important feature for public use. The narrow neck makes it comfortable for longer term wear. The weight rests well on the prostrate and you won't forget it's in there! I've worn one for several hours. My only complaint is that the handle has some edges which, over time, can chafe a little (especially if I am sitting for extended periods). However, given enough time all toys can begin to irritate.

Another plug that I own that I havn't worn out, but have considered is the Titanmen Trainer. It is a smaller plug but has an angled head that usually hits the spot. It doesn't "lock in" the way the Pure Plugs do, but I have worn it around the house under boxer briefs and jeans and it didn't fall out. It will move in and out a bit more which is pretty cool every time I sit or stand. Due to it's bigger base and neck I don't think I could wear it for too long in public. I guessing it would be great for a short hike or bike ride. On EF it is only sold in a kit link but the kit is reasonably priced and it comes with one of my favorite plugs, the Master Tool (too big to wear out though).

Another consideration could be one of the Aneros style of toys. They allow for the wearer to massage the prostrate by clenching and relaxing the anus which causes the toy to rock in and out slightly. I don't have any experience with this type of prostrate massage in public, but it seems like this would be a discreet way of getting some stimulation. Might want to try that one at home first to get a feel for it.

Also, if I plan to be out for a while I will bring a small bottle of lube to reapply and a small ziplock just in case I decide I'm done before I get home.

Hope that helps and have fun!
ToyGeek ToyGeek
A Pure Plug, or the Tantus Ryder -- both are secure and comfortable, but one's firm and heavy while the other's soft and light.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
this is a great question.
DiscreteKink DiscreteKink
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will have to try those out - when finances allow
ScottA ScottA
For a plug that stays in you want a long neck, pronounced body bulge, and a comfortable base (rounded and not too big, ovals are good). I have a nJoy plug, and the base is comfortable - but it's a little too thick for me to comfortably sit down while wearing the plug (Pure Plug 2.0). Sitting down pushes the plug up inside and can cause minor brusing and aches.
Squirting and pegging Squirting and pegging
I'm also looking for a nice plug that has a contoured end that fits in between the cheeks nicely and comfortable enough to sit down that I can wear for extended amounts of time. The plugs I currently own have a wide, thick or odd shaped based making it uncomfortable to wear around the house or while sitting down. I'm very tempted to try this one out. Link The curved base looks like it would contour well and also doesn't seem to be too wide.
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