Pure Wand vs glass G-spotters

Pure Wand vs glass G-spotters

ScottA ScottA
Curious if anyone out there has tried both of these type of toys anally on a guy and could comment on how they compare. The Pure Wand looks nice, but it is substantially more expensive then the Amethyst or similar G-spot glass probe.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
You don't have any links - but I'll take a stab. The Pure Wand works great for p-spot stimulation. If you are very experienced the - even the 1.5" ball is easily possible. We also have some glass ones (Silenzo link & Lucid Heart link that I've used and they work pretty good at a lower cost.

But - the Pure Wand is such a great toy for my wife - I think she'd divorce me if I sold it! Get one for your wife - then enjoy it yourself! After all it's never too expensive if she wants it - right?!
ScottA ScottA
Amethyst here link .
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Just received a Pure Wand, have only used it three times. The closest to the Amethyst I have is a Gold laced G, so my experience is somewhat limited.

The Gold G will provide more stimulation to my prostate due to the texture, not much but still, it just feels better with light thrusting. I can provide lots of pressure when needed/wanted.

The Pure Wand provides incredible pinpoint stimulation, right there with little to no effort. Like someone said "it's like a P/G spot magnet". I like the small end for light thrusting and probing around. The large end is very filling, but it seems like I get less stimulation, I am thinking it is due to lack of room but not sure. Like I said need more time with it. The Pure Wand is by far the best when playing with temperatures, hold temp longer. Also works great as a massager for firm deep tissue care.

My wife does not seem to care for the Pure Wand, she does not like the weight. I do feel that if she was to use it herself (only had me working it) she might like it more. Although she does not like firm G spot stimulation she does like firm pressure on the A spot.

Plus if you did happen to damage the stainless it could be repaired.
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