Glass or Pure Wand? Or Both?

Glass or Pure Wand? Or Both?

Fiona Fiona
I am on a quest.. to find a toy that works for me. I am on a spending spree and trying several different types. One type I haven't tried is a non-vibrating type dildo. I know a lot of people love glass and but the reviews for the Pure Wand are amazing so now I'm wondering which to try or if I need one of each? Please tell me!! What are some advantages and disadvantages of glass and steel?
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Woman China Woman China

Many of us started with glass then moved onto stainless steel.

My favourite glass is Swirled Blue Dildo by Don Wands and the Sapphire Glass by some company or another. I just recently received PureWAnd in the mail and holy smokes!!! I love them all!!!

I cannot even possibly make a recommendation as to which one at the moment as they have their amazing points and their not so amazing points.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
BOTH!!!! - as WC says.

We love variety - don't stop with glass or steel - we also like the Alumina line and live the Vixskin line. Some don't like realism - but if you think about it - evolution has conditioned a woman to respond to a specific shape.

My wife was skeptical - but she's a convert now. She laughs when cleaning the toys - but her embarrassment is more than trumped by her desire for earth shattering orgasms!
Zombirella Zombirella
I think glass is a goo start before you spend a ton of money on a steel toy.
Fiona Fiona
Great advice and suggestions! Thank you!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
The biggest difference between the two is strength, glass can break (Although pretty hard to do) whereas stainless will not.

Pros to both include; temp play, firm stimulation, easy cleaning/sterilizing, little lube needed (If any) and long term life.

Cons; hard, unyielding, requires some care with storage.

I would start with a glass toy first before you dish out the money for the stainless. Plus, glass gives you many more options with textures, design and looks. Although stainless will give you better temperature holding.
roskat roskat
Yes to both! I love the Deep Water G I got recently. It's on sale now (but out of stock)...
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I agree try them both.
Ms. N Ms. N
Both are wonderful. I have about a half dozen or so glass toys, and I love them both for function and for their beauty. But my Pure has a very special place in my heart...and elsewhere It is an amazing toy, and I it soooo much!
Woman China Woman China
This might be a little late for you... but...

If you are serious about the Pure Wand, try out Serenity first. I find them very similar, and truth be told, the only reason I like the Pure Wand better- who am I kidding? There are two reasons I like the Pure Wand better... the weight. I love how that feels in me. And also how even if I leave the Pure Wand at room temperature when it first touches my flesh WOWZERS!!! That initial feeling of steel against my body makes me want to jump and squirm all at once.

Other than that? I like Serenity just as much as the Pure Wand.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
Steel is really heavy, so if you have mobility issues in your wrists and/or hands, you might want to skip the Pure Wand. It really is an amazing toy, though; I think it's worth every penny.

If you want to start out with something cheaper to experiment with firm G-spot stimulation, I recommend the Amethyst. I use it to warm up for the Pure Wand, but it's also fantastic in and of itself.
sumie sumie
I started with something similar to the Lucid Heart glass dildo and it was very nice and it did stimulate my gspot. I have since gotten the Pure Wand and the weight of it really, really, really does the job a lot better. It is heavy though. And I still use the glass one too.
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