Any special tips for glass toys?

Contributor: keeweepoo keeweepoo
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are there any neat tips for using glass toys?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Is there a better glass dildo then the textured treasure?
The textured treasure was my first glass dildo. I absolutly love it. Ive gotten too since then the lucid heart and the amethyst and neither of them...

Do you get hurt using glass?
do you get hurt using it?

Glass toys
All of the under $20 glass toys seem to be out of stock. Is that what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

better sized glass toys
Do they make any glass toys with more girth and length? They all seem very thin and small

Silicone VS. Glass
Which one to you think is more eco friendly?
Contributor: eri86 eri86
I either go for shallower quick thrusts, or deeper slow thrusts.

Other than that, just experiment carefully to find what works best for you.
Contributor: Ningyo Ningyo
Don't drop them.
Contributor: keeweepoo keeweepoo
Contributor: Crystalline Crystalline
I love temperature play. You can stick it under running water, warm (wouldn't recommend hot) or cold.

And I agree with Ningyo: if you even chip the glass, you'll have to retire it. You wouldn't want to risk that particular injury.
Contributor: doowop doowop
I love short, slow thrusts. I also like to insert a thicker glass dildo and let it sit there while I use a vibrator on my clit and work my muscles around the glass piece. It gives me some amazing orgasms.
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
We use a small heating pad (like you use for back or muscle pain) to warm up our glass and metal toys before using. It's also perfect for warming up massage or coconut oil.
Contributor: powerqueen powerqueen
haha Ningyo is right about not dropping them
Contributor: Holly Wood Holly Wood
Start small, work your way up. Plastic toys give to your bodily contractions, where you want to feel the ridges and ripples of the glass toys because they DON'T contract with your grip.

Also - NO PORCELAIN BATHTUBS. Drop them all you want just about anywhere, but AVOID PORCELAIN. Your toy will probably come out fine, but the tub won't fare so well. Fair warning.
Contributor: Holly Wood Holly Wood
Originally posted by Ningyo
Don't drop them.
They're made from Pyrex Borosillicate and all the companies that are offered here have been at least twice annealed (heat and pressure treated to be certain there are no stresses). What this means is that in nearly all instances, there needs to be "the perfect storm" of conditions in order to chip them - and they will bounce off of nearly every surface, including cement. While it's not advisable to throw them around, and you should always check them if you drop them, it's not a huge deal if they do get dropped unless they're hollow (a rarity).
Contributor: Lucifer the Cat Lucifer the Cat
If you're using one vaginally, be careful not to thrust too hard into your cervix because the toy can bruise it! Ouch.
Contributor: Floral Floral
I'm new to glass and am curious about what techniques people like too.
I just tried my new Amythest. I think for me there will be a learning curve to glass gspot toys. I tried twisting from side to side, rocking the handle up and down, gently pulling at the gspot with the tip, and slow, shallow thrusting. I liked all of these but the slow thrusting seemed to work the best. Although, I didn't feel like I hit that exact right spot in just the right way. It wasnt one of those "I found my g spot right away" things like many seem to have with that dildo. I didn't ever feel like I got my g spot in that way that makes you feel like you have to pee. At one point I was really concerned about inserting it too far. I'm really afraid of hurting my cervix, but it was ok. I hope others leave more tips. I'm very interested to see how others use their toys.

Re: the cervix issue. I purchased a silicone cock ring to put on my glass toys to make sure I don't get carried away and bruise my cervix.