How often should you use a female arousal gel?

Contributor: nanners nanners
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How often do you use it? I'm not sure if I would benefit from using it.
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
there are several arousal gels worth checking into. I use Clitoral gel by Intimate Organics & Tickle Her Pink link. I like them both - wrote a review on each if interested. have fun experimenting.
Contributor: Gracie Gracie
I have not tried many, because I have allergies and sensitivities to many common ingredients. I tried the clitoral gel by intimate organics. It wasnt what I expected. It didnt noticably increase arousal, but when I remember to use it my orgasms are faster and stronger, so I would recomend that one. link
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife can't stand them - so none for us. She says her clit doesn't need any help - that is no help that she can't get from a vibe.
Contributor: Supervixen Supervixen
I'm still looking for a good one, myself.
Contributor: iabicpl09 iabicpl09
Haven't tried any yet