need some suggestion on new fleshlight stoya

Contributor: stoyasud stoyasud
i cant get enough hard with fleshlight
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear stoyasud, hello!
I'm not sure what do you mean exactly, but I'm going to guess that your arousal during your solo play is not as intense as you'd want it to be. Yeah, I get it with fleshlights - thrusting them might be tough even if you're sticking real wood inside.

I have a few things I can advise in terms of getting a harder hard-on, so to speak. First, there are cock rings. Pick a simple one, without a vibrating bullet for starters. A tight band around the base of your shaft will keep the blood from leaving your penis, making your erection much more steady and intense. You can look for an option in our cock ring listing right here.

Another great way to go would be a penis pump. Not only some gentle pumping will make you insanely hard - no, those things also can contribute to literal size increase if used frequently enough. There are rules you have to follow to stay safe. Here's a smart article we have on pumps - check it out to learn about all the intricacies.

If, on the other hand, I misinterpreted your request, and you simply need a piece of advice on a new masturbator, I'll be happy to oblige, as well. So, I'm guessing the masturbator you have right now does not live up to the expectations. There might be a few reasons for it.

First - the opening might not be tight enough, therefore you don't get the stimulation needed to get you through the roof. Yes, sure, you can spend a lot of time choosing the right masturbator with the right tightness, but it's much easier - and cheaper - to find out how you like it with a simple sleeve without a case, like this one. You can clench it in your fist to make it feel much tighter and then go on regulating the tightness to your liking.

Secondly, you might need additional stimulation. Peculiar textures, cool features, various vibration patterns, and some revolutionary ideas - we have an array of it all. Take Scout, for example - it's a sex toy for men that don't look like a vagina, which is a huge plus right from the start if you care about discreetness. It doesn't "hug" your penis, nestling it in warmth and softness - it caresses the tip and the shaft with gentle silicone petals, building up sensation as it goes. We also have some of the Hot Octopuss items in stock, like this solo masturbator - it uses a revolutionary technology of oscillation instead of vibration. It's touchless stimulation for full-on hours-lasting orgasms.

Finally, I might guess that the Fleshlight you previously had simply does not do it for you. It may be not as arousing, or the material feels off, or you need more to stimulate your fantasy. Maybe, a fuller replica will work better? Check out our guide to realistic vaginas - maybe, this will grind your gears.

Or simply changing the type of orifice works, as well. If you've been using a simple vaginal mold, you might try anal or blowjob imitation, just to change the scene and see if it feels any different. Guys in this forum thread say it definitely does.

Hope this helps! Please, DM me any time you have a question, need some help or simply wanna chat.