Glass toy opinions

Glass toy opinions

nikki0668 nikki0668
I'd like to try a glass toy, but glass kinda scares me. What are your opions of glass toys?
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KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Originally posted by nikki0668
I'd like to try a glass toy, but glass kinda scares me. What are your opions of glass toys?
Hello there nikki, I think you'll find a lot of EF members love glass once they get up the nerve(or overwhelming curiosity xD ) to try it.

Personally, I often find my glass toys to be more enjoyable than the softer materials.
As for being scared, no worries there really, ToyTimeTim did some rather brutal testing to show just how durable glass toys can be (...matter of fact those two tests are what finally convinced me to try a glass toy.

As long as you're careful not to thrust it too deep or hard (from what I've heard, a bruised cervix isn't exactly fun), and try not to drop it or knock it around much it should be fine.
And most of the glass toys on EF look durable enough to safely survive a short drop, depending on the flooring material.


Below are links to several threads with various "tests" EF members had put glass toys to. Numbers 3 and 4 are the ones I mentioned by ToyTimeTim.




Bullfroggy and Rose Bullfroggy and Rose
they are too hard for me
No-nita No-nita
My advice is to start with something small before going for a big ol' thing. That way you can try the material, see if you like it, and it'll be much more difficult to hurt yourself if you get a little enthusiastic with the thrusting
doop doop
glass is the bomb, but its pretty stiff. you will never break a glass toy, I tried. glass is non-porous and cleaning it is as easy as running under hot water, possibly a disinfectant like bleach-water. glass is smooth and will require small amounts of lube though if your after a texture glass is awful.
Happenstance Happenstance
I love glass toys a lot. if you want to start with something relatively inexpensive and less intimidating, check out the Amethyst or the Bent Graduate (Don't get both, because they are the exact same toy). They're perfect beginner glass toys.
nikki0668 nikki0668
Thanks everyone for your input and advice.
jr2012 jr2012
Here's the toys seem to be best for g-spot use (or anal, I suppose, even though I haven't used it that way personally), because they are so inflexible, they put enough pressure on the g-spot to have that type of orgasm. While you can thrust with some of the styles of toys, I don't really love it as much as using something flexible for thrusting.

I personally have a VERY hard time having g spot orgasms in general, regardless of toy or partner, so my glass toy is one of the least played with toys in my toybox. On any given day, I prefer thrusting or vibrations. Since the g-spot issue makes me cranky, I don't do it often.

If you like g-spotting, I say GO FOR IT! If you're like me, maybe not so much.

If you are looking to try g-spot play, glass is an excellent tool to try it out. I would advise to go for one of the less expensive ones (luckily glass can be pretty inexpensive) and give it a try. There's not much money to lose!
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