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arent these about the same as baby wipes?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of Cock rings:

Questions on using cock rings?
How does cock rings work ? & if there harmful on long run or not ?!

What is your favorite cock ring?
What is your favorite cock ring or penis sleeve and why? I think that after all the ones that I've tried, I like the Raspberry Ring or Raspberry...

belly button rings
Does EF carry any other cute belly button rings like this one?

The new Mio pleasure ring
Do you think it will turn out that it is as strong as the Lelo Tor, or maybe even stronger?

Men wearing makeup
What are your opinions on it? I know some guys who do the full eyeliner/shadow/founda tion/blush thing, and there are some guys who use some coverup...
Contributor: Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Most of your recent posts seem to be questions that could be very quickly answered by reading reviews. I would respectfully suggest looking up the reviews since these questions are very much answered there!
Contributor: Aishiteru Aishiteru
Probably, but I agree with Airen Wolf.