Advice on Rabbits?

Contributor: NellietheRose NellietheRose
Hey guys! So, I've never had a rabbit before and I'd really like to take the plunge, however, I'm really scared to get one that doesn't work with my anatomy.

I'm eyeing the Jopen line (because I have to have something strong, quiet, and rechargeable), but I really have no experience with rabbits at all.

My clitoris seems to be a little closer to my opening than most women's...maybe 19mm? And my hood's a little on the large side. When using the Tiani 2, I found that it didn't hit my clit and it just kind of hurt instead of stimulating my G-spot, which is pretty sensitive and shallow.

Also, I can't fit very much, so it'd have to be something slim...and I'm really at a lost here. Any suggestions? I hope this made sense.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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