Beginner tips/tricks and buying advice?

Beginner tips/tricks and buying advice?

lysi lysi
So I guess I should've posted here prior to the other day but better late than never. I'm in my 30s, no kids and I'm not really a big 'self lover' so to speak. Anyway, I figured why not try it and I'm not sure if my expectations were off or I'm not doing things right or what.

Anyway, any self love I engage in is clitoral although I can orgasm with penetration by my husband. I figured a clitoral toy would be my best option since that is normally what I like when I'm by myself.

So I decided to buy the Lelo Alia thinking it'd be a good start. Something discrete, water proof (just in case) and silicone. Anyway, I used it twice so far and it feels interesting/nice and I can get off with it but it doesn't feel like anything special or better than if I was doing it myself.

So my conclusions are I am either doing it wrong, I bought the wrong toy or maybe a toy was the wrong thing for me.

Any tips or tricks? Other toys that might've been better options?
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laflauta laflauta
You're probably not doing this, but I'll throw it out there. It was a major brainfart and it's kind of embarrassing to think about. On my Lelo Siri, the change in the vibration strength doesn't change a ton if I press the button really quickly. The first couple times I used it, I thought that since I noticed no change, that must have been the highest setting, and I was really disappointed by the lack of strength. Boy, was I wrong.
Other than that stupid problem solving tip, I'd say make sure the toy is well charged. The vibrations can get weaker as the battery dies. Quite a few of the reviews also talk about weak vibrations, so perhaps this toy just isn't for you. I hope you find what you're looking for!
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