Cobalt Wand -vs- Sasha Grey Signature Wand

Contributor: Lizzy Lizzy
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Has anyone tried both. Any thoughts. I don't understand how the Sasha Grey wand is (weight)rated around 13oz and the Cobalt is rated at about 5.5oz? What about the difference in feel?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Haven't used either of these but the Cobalt Wand is gorgeous.
Contributor: Lavendar Lavendar
I have both and I thought the Sasha Grey is way more useful! I was disappointed with the cobalt wand
Contributor: ToyGeek ToyGeek
I just posted a (long overdue) review of the Cobalt Wand, and probably due to my long absence I didn't even know Sasha Grey had a line. Thanks for the heads up!