Hot Rabbit - Yay or Nay?

Hot Rabbit - Yay or Nay?

morgannadarkwater morgannadarkwater
So, after extensive ping ponging in my mind about whether I want to save up for a high fancy toy, like the Bimini Ocean, which is so pretty but kind of pricey for a college kid like myself, OR go the cheaper route to see if I even like the rabbit style toys...I decided to go for the latter. I think I've made my decision - the Hot Rabbit -link
I was wondering, and yes, I'm aware it seems I ask for opinions about EVERYTHING but I enjoy getting all sorts of different inputs, have you tried this toy? Did it work for you?
I read some reviews but I'd also like to hear what the community has to say - maybe if your friend tried it and told you a horror story or something like that.

I'm sorry for the run-on sentences, I tend to type like I talk.
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Morganna Morganna
Kayla Kayla
Nowhere does it say "phthalate-free", so be aware that you will be buying a toxic sex toy material. For your safety, it'd be best to use this with a condom. Sadly, while we banned phthalates in children's toys, we still haven't banned that chemical in sex toys.

I'm also very wary of any $20 rabbit. There's a reason that rabbits are expensive; they have lots of moving parts. The average rabbit is $30-$70 just because they do require rotational parts, complicated controls, and clitoral vibrations.

If it were me, due to the material and the (probably) bad toy due to the low price, I'd go with something else.

This one is still pretty cheap but is phthalate-free and has good reviews: link

This is also cheap and body-safe:
Morganna Morganna
Thank you.
This is killing me. I never would've dreamt I would've had such a hard time picking out a toy. Thanks for the heads up about the phthalates warning, too. I looked it up and that stuff seems pretty dangerous.
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