Magic wand but smaller or cordless?

Magic wand but smaller or cordless?

northstar northstar
I really can't decide between the magic wand, fairy products (certainly not the one that sounds like a chainsaw) & mystic wand. I need really strong clitoral vibrations, but would prefer something cordless/rechargeable, and perhaps smaller than the magic wand if possible.

Thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!
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SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE my Mystic Wand!! The charge lasts a really long time, it is very strong, very quiet, very deep & rumbly, and very portable & convenient! You can't go wrong with it!

Though, I did recently get a Pocket Fairy & I can't believe it's actually taken the Mystic Wand's place. Though louder & not providing as much coverage because of how small the head is, I've been enjoying the high-pitched vibrations more. The orgasms are more intense with the Fairy for me because of this.

I feel I just need a Fairy Rechargeable & I'll be complete between having the choice of that & the deep, rumbly vibrations from the Mystic. The Mystic has wonderful vibration patterns as well that none of the Fairy Wands have. It's a tough decision.

I'd say go with either the Mystic or Fairy & then save up for the other one. They're just different, but both awesome additions to the toy box!

I'll probably never get a Hitachi. Too big, too loud, not cordless, and I hear it can really desensitize in a way that other toys just won't get the job done after getting used to it. The other wands are PLENTY strong too!
Woman China Woman China
Go with the fairy baby mini or something like that! I think it is on sale for like 18.99 from 20ish. ANd it recharges by your computer!!!!!

I have the Fairy Mini Wand and I love it!!!! Only it is buzzy strong. I shall be buying the Hitachi in the next year or so to test the differences to see the variations of vibrations.

Meh. What am I saying??? Get them all!!!!!
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