Jopen vibrators without bunny shaped attachments...

Contributor: CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
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This is so much better than bunny ears . You don't have to worry about hurting your partner. Why bunny ears ? Whats so good about it.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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I have/had a vibrator similar to this Daffy Deep Stroker well the thrusting stopped not long after I got it I pulled it out tonight to use it with.

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Contributor: Lilith Bealove Lilith Bealove
I've never had a rabbit. How do the ears hurt your partner?
Contributor: CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
Well if things get a little crazy I don't want to be worrying about where these bunny ears are going, And I am sure after a couple of days you would just be sore from it. I'm sure some are softer than others but I just rather not mess with it. Soft smooth and round is fine for me!
Contributor: Bzz Bzz
It's super expensive though!
Contributor: DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I have both the Jopen Vr10 and Vr11--one has bunny ears, the other doesn't. The bunny ears never hurt, because they're soft, and they provide a different kind of stimulation because the bunny ears kind of flutter.
Contributor: Breas Breas
I have a few rabbit vibes with bunny ears... not the Jopen toys but still. The bunny ear clitoral stimulator does not hurt. Which toy did you get exactly that hurt you?
Contributor: Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I like bunny ears because they are pretty soft so you don't need to worry about them jabbing or anything, but this is an excellent choice too.
Contributor: nosrslylol nosrslylol
Originally posted by CinLuvsBre
This is so much better than bunny ears . You don't have to worry about hurting your partner. Why bunny ears ? Whats so good about it.
I had a different vibrator with ears. I have no clue what rabbit you had, but they had more of a tickling/rubbing/vibra ting sensation that felt AMAZING, I like it way better than that sort of attachment, but that's just me!
Contributor: Brandonnn Brandonnn
they finally got smart and moved the rabbit back further