Perverting household items

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I started masturbating when I was 3 years old. I would always squeeze my thighs and rock myself to an orgasm. Then around the age of 9 I got my first cell phone and once I was squeezing my thighs with my cell phone in my lap. I received a phone call ... more
Wow! We are similar in a lot of ways. I started masturbating as a baby by squeezing my legs together really hard. I would do it every night until I fell asleep, it's how I would put myself to sleep every night. My family referred to it as "squeezing my legs" and thought it was a cute/silly quirky thing I did. Little did they know I was doing it because it felt so good.

Not gonna lie, reading your post made me a bit horny.

I'm very curious about one thing. You said at 16 you started pumping your clit every day. What exactly did you use to pump it? I want to try out whatever you were doing lol
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As a teenager, I'd sometimes use my electric toothbrush (mainly as a clit vibe) and a removable shower head.

More recently, I found myself using a plastic tampon applicator, although it wasn't very satisfying (though it could still reach deeper than my finger). I started looking around the house for other things I could use....and then realised that I was being ridiculous, and that as an adult with a paycheck I could and should just invest in some actual sex toys. That ultimately led me to this site, and now I have a pretty decent-sized collection that is still growing.
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Originally posted by Bulma
My first sex toy was a round hair brush. (I used the handle of course, the bristles were painful (and yes I did try it once that way)) Pretty gross when I think about it now, but heck I was only 13 and didn't know anything about sex at all.When ... more
I also used to used a hair brush. But now I have the heartbreaker gspot vibrator.