Your personal best and worst toys of 2011

Your personal best and worst toys of 2011

Silverdrop Silverdrop
Of all the toys you tried for the first time this year, which was the best? And which the worst?

I'll go first (links go to reviews, if I've reviewed them here):

Best vibe: G-Ki - It reaches my G and gives me hands free fun. It's awesome!
Worst vibe: Bodywand rechargeable wand (sold in the UK) - quality issues, awkward size, poor product information

Best dildo: Oh gods... tough one. Gotta make it a tie between the O2 Mark and the Pure Wand
Worst dildo: The two Doc Johnson Sil-a-Gel dildo that came with the Seductive Schoolgirl costume I reviewed - the smell actually gave me a migraine, just having it unwrapped in the same room.

Best lube: Liquid Silk - love the way it feels! Why must it have parabens?
Worst lube: Yes Organic Water-Based Lube - for having an unpleasing texture and not actually giving me any useful amount of lubrication

Best other: Durex Utopia (Play O in the UK) - amazing arousal enhancing gel. I use it almost every time I play
Worst other: Kama sutra massage candle, deep ocean scent - Smell was too strong I couldn't even light it.

I don't have a best or worst BDSM. I bought a collection of leather items from a UK company, and found them all satisfactory, but nothing stood out as significantly above or below the rest.

What were your best and worst?
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OhMy! OhMy!
We'll chime in, but with best/worst in general:

Best toy: Under the Bed Restraint System link

Worst toy: Tenga Flip Hole (black) link
- Kira - - Kira -
Best Vibe - Je Joue Mimi, Jopen Vr8, Jopen Vr9, Jopen Vr3, Jopen Vr6 - Mimi because I need a strong external vibrator and it does the trick nearly every time. I use it almost every day! The Jopen's because the rumbly, strong vibrations give me an orgasm unlike any other.
Worst Vibe - Nea, Twisted Hearts, Fairy Mini - Nea was just too weak. Twisted Hearts was too weak and hurt internally. The Fairy Mini was overly buzzy and made me bleed!

Best Dildo - Fling, Smooth S Shape, Pure Wand, VixSkin Maverick, Raquel - The first three because they actually hit my G spot. The second because the material is to die for.
Worst Dildo - I just started buying dildos and I actually haven't run into any awful ones.

Best Lube - Sliquid Organics Natural - For being a lube that doesn't make me burn!
Worst Lube - Toyfluid - Instant yeast infection and burned like crazy.

Best Other - Jopen Intensity, Je Joue Ami - Both seem to have improved my PC muscles. I don't have to pee every five seconds and I'm tighter than I was last year!
Worst Other - Black Open Cup Babydoll - Broke in two uses.

Best Beauty - Milk Made Shower Cream, Milk Made Hand Creme, Milk Made Sugar Scrub, UnSweet Body Mousse - Cake products rock! My skin has never felt better!!
Worst Beauty - Beauty Bronzers Palette - Quality was just generally pretty cheap.

I know I added in a category, but I wanted to brag on the Cake products! I also cheated because I listed way more than one product for multiple categories. I'm bad at picking just one thing!! I'm sure I forgot some "best" stuff, but that was off the top of my head.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
It's funny - as of this writing, almost all of my toys were purchased in 2011. Before April, I'd only tried four others, two of which were almost identical and one which was too big for me to use at the time. So this is most like a list of Best and Worst Toys Ever.

Bests and Worsts...

Best Vibe: Minivibe Bubbles, Insignia Alia, Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, Interactives Mini Dolphin - Bubbles is the winner for general use, while Alia wins for when I want to be gentler. Squirmy and Mini Dolphin are the best for self-forced orgasms, which are fun.
Worst Vibe: Luv Touch Mighty Mite, Passion Double Play - Luv can't keep its freaking batteries in and fails at being waterproof. Double Play was just boring.

Best Dildo: VixSkin Tex, Bent Graduate, Super Soft Mark (limited edition toy not available on Eden) - Tex performs perfectly for me, and is my ultimate favorite toy. Bent Graduate provides firm G-spot pressure, while Mark is squishy and comfortable.
Worst Dildo: Silk Large, Gold Laced G, Charmer - Silk Large's shape, size, and firmness made for painful insertion and use. Gold Laced G and Charmer helped me discover that I don't like a lot of texture. (All three of these toys could be boiled, and have been re-homed rather than thrown out.)

Best Lube: Sliquid H2O - Sliquid feels just like my natural lubricant in greater quantities.
Worst Lube: Toyfluid, Wet Synergy Cool Tingle - Both burned horribly, and Wet Synergy failed to rinse off easily like the packet said it would.

Best Other: Wet Keep It Clean Toy Wash - Keep It Clean does the job and lasts forever.
Worst Other: Beginner Ball Gag - The Ball Gag isn't bad in and of itself, but is too large for my mouth as it is. I intend to see if I can shave it down to make it work.

Honorable Mention...
(toys that still get 4 or 5 stars, but are not quite what I'd consider "the best")

Vibe - Little Dolly for being a great G-spot vibe; eventually sprang a leak and had to be tossed.
Dildo - Silk Medium and VixSkin Spur for being a small, comfortable size; don't hit the money spots as well as the winners. Ella for being versatile; not especially thrilling.
Lube - System JO H2O (and the Flavored version) for being long-lasting and functional (and tasty!); get sticky as they dry.
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