The Lexus of masturbators? Hardly!

The Flip Hole is a unique and sleek masturbator that offers an experience all its own. However, unless you find their texture combinations mind-blowing, there are less expensive options that are just as fun, and are easier to use, clean, and store.
Unique design and texture combinations.
Expensive. Awkward for people with smaller hands. Tricky to clean. Textures not interchangeable.
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I've tried many different types masturbators---both in price and in design. Some of these have really surprised me, others have fallen very, very short. Having turned to my Fujiko Velvet Touch masturbator so many times to satisfy myself, I wanted to see what all the hype was about with Tenga's products. After reading what seemed like hundreds of reviews, I chose the more "scientific" Tenga instead of a "realistic" Fleshlight. Would science prevail with this "Lexus" of masturbators, or would it be beaten by a cheaper, more economical foe?

When the Flip Hole arrived, I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. I ripped open the packaging and was immediately awe struck. In front of me was this large, sleek, and beautifully designed sleeve that looked more like it should be in a design studio than my hands. I opened the sleeve at the hinges, and instantly drooled over the cornucopia of textures waiting inside.
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Material / Texture

Made of super-soft TPR Silicone and encased in a hard plastic container with docking base, the Flip Hole Black is the more intense version of its sister product, the Flip Hole White. This makes both Flip Holes unique in the type of stimulation they provide.

The Flip Hole abandons any realistic features in favor of an experience that only technology could create! While Fleshlights and other pocket pussies attempt to mimic blow jobs or vaginal sex, Tenga's approach is more like something out of a sci-fi movie. When you flip open the toy to check out the textures, you'll instantly see that it's jam-packed with texture. Both halves feature their own different varieties of strategically placed nubs, ribs, ripples, and other odd-looking shapes to create a non-symmetrical sensation as you stroke. Instead of having a uniform sensation all the way around, you get the luxury of having two different sides to switch-hit with, depending on your mood.

There was a light "new" odor to the toy when I took it out of the box. But after a quick wash with warm soap and water, it was gone. If I have not used the toy in a while, I do notice the smell returning slightly. Again, this is quickly remedied, and is not intense enough to be distracting.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

If you've never owned a FleshLight or any other full-size masturbator, then the first thing you'll notice is the overall size of this product. It looks like a sleek and chic oversized soda can, and is definitely larger in diameter than most smaller hand-held sleeves. Even though I had read several reviews, I was still surprised at how large the toy is. Since I'm an average man, I knew I would enjoy all the textures this toy has to offer. But, for those who are less than average in length (girth really isn't an issue), you probably won't get the full benefit out of the Flip Hole. Make sure you check the specs carefully before ordering.

The Flip Hole can be used in two ways: with the provided locking lid, or without. The first downside to this design is that the locking lid pops out of the grooves that keep it in place fairly easily. This can be a big hassle at an inopportune time. Second, the locked position makes it difficult to control when you want a consistent level of pressure from top to bottom outside of what the locked level provides (harder or softer).

When used without, the hinges at the back of the Flip Hole allows the unit to accommodate varying penis girths, and to control how much pressure/intensity you want during play time. While I tried it both ways, I found that using it without the locking lid was easier to use, and easier to slide into. Using it without the lock, however, presents its own set of issues. Since the opening gets larger as you move toward the front of the toy (away from the hinge), the front end can be wide open while the end can still be fairly tight. This means you get less head or shaft stimulation initially, and have to thrust farther before you can enjoy the sensations. Additionally, having a masturbator that's cracked open on the sides presents some serious slipping issues. I found myself slipping out while attempting to adjust the tension, and realized that I could seriously hurt myself if I wasn't careful. One scratch of the hard plastic outside against my member would probably get me an embarrassing visit to the ER.

The second downside is that this toy is only partially optimized for hands-free use. While you can use the lid to lock it in one position, you're limited to the small amount the toy stretches, and the preset level of tension. While you can wedge a FleshLight into a liberator position pillow, shoe, or something else, I would not recommend this with the Flip Hole. If you wedge the unit, you prevent the hinge on the back from flexing/adjusting to your girth and your trusting, and it can affect the tension/sensation of the push buttons. This means you could destroy the unit in a matter of minutes, or end up with a really bad irritation in an inconvenient place!
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are three buttons on the side of the unit, and they are designed to be gripped/pressed in order to change the feel and stimulations points on both sides of the masturbator as you stroke away. However, we found these to be completely useless.

Since the Flip Hole is already large in diameter, most women (and even some men) will want to use two hands to grip and control the Flip Hole during play sessions. This makes changing up the sensations/pressing the buttons challenging since both hands could already be tied up. If you're fortunate enough to be able to grip this with one hand, that doesn't mean you'll be able to push the buttons easily. A little too much lube or the wrong hand placement can make this impossible as well.

Assuming you are one of those with the perfect hand placement and ability to grip with one hand, pressing the buttons really isn't that big of a game changer. While pressing the buttons does alter the feeling slightly, trying to memorize some secret combination of buttons while masturbating can be a rather big distraction. Our advice is to keep it simple: grip it where it feels good, and enjoy the ride!
    • Hard to figure out
    • Large diameter
    • Awkward

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is very simple with the Flip Hole. The hinges on the back of the unit allow you to open the chamber fully and wash the interior with soap & water or your favorite toy cleaner. The nice part about this is that it allows you to inspect the toy after each use for wear and tear. Since there are numerous different peaks, valleys, textures and grooves in the Flip Hole, you'll want to clean it very thoroughly to keep bacteria, grit and grime form building up. These are also great places for water to hide after being washed, and air-drying alone usually does not work. I typically have to pat the toy down with a towel to make sure it gets reasonably dry.

Since we have a limited amount of room to store our toys, the Flip Hole is often the space-hogging stepchild of our collection. Since it is larger in diameter and length, we have to store it in certain ways in order to make sure all our other toys fit nicely. For those of you who have space restrictions, check the specs carefully before you invest in one of these.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean


Packaging of the Flip Hole is sleek and compliments the product well. It ships in a clear recyclable plastic container that prominently displays the toy inside, and notes the product features on the back and bottom. After taking the toy out, you can access the lower compartment where the lube samples and instructions are located.

Since the toy is so large, and some claim you can "display" the toy on its own, I would do neither. While the packaging is sturdy, it's not the best design for storage or repeated use. Discard the packaging and find a reliable home for it elsewhere.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable


On paper, the Flip Hole has all the aspects of the "perfectly" textured toy, and I had very high expectations for it. In practice, however, the result is highly subjective. The toy does feel good, and the design and unique combinations are pleasing and interesting. But---too many options can be just as bad as too few. It's really hard to differentiate between the textures and sensations when stroking, and there's no particular texture that I found intense enough to really enjoy. Sadly, this toy is not the toy that can take me to the edge and finish me off. It's funny that a toy that costs a fraction of the Flip Hole's price, the Fujiko Velvet Touch, is the one that makes me cum time after time.

This toy is also extremely noisy, and a lube hog. It makes a loud slurping/sucking sound when you stroke, and usually requires at least a 1/2 gallon of lube (Ok, maybe not THAT much). While some of you may find the slurping noise arousing or amusing, it gets really old really quick. This distracted me from the fun, and in my attempt to alleviate the noise by loosening my grip, I lost the tension I needed to feel the texture. Talk about a lose/lose situation!

Since this is a premium product, I am still a little disappointed that the instructions for the Flip Hole state that it is only good for a specific number of uses (I think around 50). For the price, I feel this product should have a much larger life span, and gives me little reason to re-purchase if it does not perform well long-term. If luxury vibes that cost the same amount can last for many years, why can't a masturbation sleeve?

Additionally, I'm a little disappointed that the textures on each side of the flip hole can't be easily interchanged or replaced. I think Tenga could score a home-run by offering this type of customization to make it more versatile, and to please a larger number of men's preferences.
    • Limited number of uses
    • Noisy
    • Uses lots of lube
Follow-up commentary
Since writing our initial review, guess how many times we've used the Flip Hole?


That's right, Zero. Since used it so little, and spent so much, it literally has become an expensive doorstop for us - no joke! No matter which way you stroke it, the Flip Hole just doesn't live-up to all the hype. In our opinion, other newer Tenga products like their 3D line, far exceed this product - they're more stimulating, easier to use and store, and cost about 1/3 less. So save yourself the disappointment and storage space and look at the better and cheaper options!
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