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Modify the feel of your self-love experience to fit your needs! With adjustable vacuum, ease of cleaning, and simple care and storage, you really can't go wrong. The Tenga Flip Hole has 4 different flavors, each with 3 buttons to personalize your experience for a great night in, as long as the entrance holds to provide sufficient vacuum. Even without a seal, the Flip Hole provides a fantastic experience. Using the right tool for the job has just been made easier...
Hefty; texture feels great (for first time), just good after; enhanced by consistent suction
Entry flaps don't hold together to maintain vacuum; pricey
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In my second experience with a Tenga product, I found yet another reason that I'll never use a bare hand again. I knew it was waiting for me at home, and the entire drive, I was speeding, anxious with anticipation. It was only a matter of time until I got to experience the flip side of me-time...

Male masturbators are probably the simplest items to use. Simply insert tab A into hole B and magic happens. Such is the experience with the Tenga flip hole silver, only with more flair. Said flair includes special functions for cleaning, use, and storage, but it is not as simple in use as a Tenga egg. The included instruction booklet (in English, no less) is informational and clear on all facets of the use of the flip hole, so beginners in the world of man-time enhancements are not left behind.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Easy to clean

Material / Texture

The Tenga flip hole is made of a hard plastic shell, but the entirety of penile contact is made of TPR silicone, which is what you can expect of most nearly-hundred-dollar clear toys' construction. Upon opening, the Flip hole has a light chemical/rubbery odor; but if you're putting it near your nose, you're doing it wrong, read the directions again. The interior texture has been likened to a range of mountains, but living near the Rockies, I see mountains more often than many, so I am inclined to disagree. I'm thinking more of an M.C. Escher work: angular work in a 2-dimensional plane describing a 3-dimensional existence. This interior texture is varied from beginning to end, so to speak, and is both aggressive and sensitive at the same time; it gives the user an experience that transcends standard masturbation aids and gives symmetry to a world where symmetry doesn't work in every instance.

The hard plastic parts are simply a frame and a transferable guide, notwithstanding the hard plastic 'suction buttons', as I call them. The frame 'flips' open like a clamshell, and utilizes the guide as a stand for drying, a storage cap, or as an anchor for keeping the whole unit together while in use. The buttons themselves are intended to be used as suction-modifying actuators, as described by the instruction booklet. Each does its own job, allegedly, and changes the feel mid-activity. The flip function makes it easier to clean, but otherwise, it is a very straightforward unit to use.
    • Rigid
    • Smooth
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of the Tenga Flip hole is very modern: minimalistic, simple, fairly discreet. The combined unit measures almost 7 inches deep by about 3 inches by 2 1/2 inches wide, and ovular in cross-section. The oval cross-section makes it easy to manipulate in hand; and in my experience, with the differing textures from one side to the the other, the experience can be different depending on side. This toy will, statistically, fit probably better than 90% of fellas, in girth and length, so, for most guys, this will work well. I wouldn't really advise leaving this toy about, as I imagine it would invoke questions instead of evade them, simply based on its design, shape, and color scheme, assuming they don't immediately know what they're looking at. I'm sure the TSA sees their share of toys of this nature, but this one stands out a little more as a 'Gentleman's Travel Companion' than most.
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

As mentioned before, each of the three buttons on either side of the unit are intended to modify the suction level of the unit while in use. The buttons certainly do change the dynamic of the experience, but after the first experience, I was unable to notice sufficient change in vacuum as intended. The first time, there was very little noise; afterward, I encountered far more noise: similar to, but still not as vociferous as, the Tenga Egg. The noise was enough to possibly hear through a closed door, but definitely from under covers, as can be expected from what is supposed to be a single-ended aid. The texture inside, however, might outweigh the possible discovery by a roommate or other same-place resident. It's pretty awesome.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic

Care and Maintenance

The included instruction booklet is more advertisement than instruction, but it gives enough to take basic care of the Tenga Flip hole. The use and after-use instructions are pictograph-style, much like the instructions on the Tenga Egg. The only instruction pages are the 3 penultimate pages, which include text in English. Simply use standard procedures for cleaning other silicone toys: water and possibly soap, and/or some type of anti-creepy-crawly cleaner. Storage instructions are included, to a degree: the pictograph instructions direct the user to clean with soap and water, then dry on the sliding cap, and after a suitable drying period, transposing the unit and the slide cap for storage.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy comes packaged in a clear plastic cylinder with some pictograph instructions on removing the product from the aforementioned packaging. I'm not a fan of pictographs, and this package's instruction is no exception. The instructions tell you, in pictograph and monosyllabic words, to push here, pull there, and poof! Your new toy jumps on you and gives you pleasure! Said instructions may get the pack open without sharp cutting tools or explosives, but barely so. If you are to store your Flip hole with its included lubes and so forth, you can use the shipping cylinder for storage, but it is neither strong enough for long-term storage nor does it require a different storage option after first use. Storer emptor, and use your best judgment.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

The thing is heavy (just a hair over a pound, assembled); much like swinging a 16oz framing hammer at your wangus, only it feels really good. It is bulky, but very appropriate for big hands (like my own), and it fits well in-hand and on-genital. The 3 control buttons on the sides allow for customization to your desires, but only when the flaps align and stay in place well enough to maintain vacuum. The first time I used it, I was incredibly excited to have such a wonderful toy, and while I may have been a little overzealous with the lube, that may have been the key. During successive uses, I haven't been able to gain, retain, or maintain vacuum with the control buttons, solely because the flaps at the entrance refuse to maintain a seal. For an average-sized feller like myself, it kinda feels good to breach the seal on a toy such that it can't function properly, but at the same time, I feel like I'm losing out on considerable experience with it.

vacuum failure

Also, the 3 included lubes are incredibly thick: much like smearing grandma's strawberry-rhubarb jelly on a toy prior to action. A cooling lube is included (WILD), and the other 2 are variations of a standard water-based lube. The WILD lube was anything but cooling, except for the fan blowing on my moistened man-unit, but the REAL lube was my favorite thus far, maybe only because it was the first. A note to all users: when it comes to the included lubes, more is more: the tube is sufficiently full that even 2 uses are possible from each if you used the proper amount. Moral: DON'T SKIMP!


The texture inside has been referred to as resembling a range of mountains, but with its straight lines and symmetry, I think more like a Fortress of Solitude, straight out of the Superman comic: a place for your superhero to reside... And better yet, each side is slightly different, so you can, once again, tailor the feel to your liking. Additionally, if you crunch numbers (like I have a tendency to do), the recommended lifespan of this toy reveals about a $2 per-use cost, at full current price. That's one-fifth of the cost of a one-and-done Tenga egg (if you haven't read my egg review).
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