The Tenga Tenga Mountain Range!

Tenga really outdid themselves with the Flip Hole Silver. The texture resembles a range of mountains and provides wonderful stimulation that is neither too strong or too light, and when one of the three great lubes included is added, the sensations go through the roof. The one and only drawback is the lid can be tough to line up, but once it is properly lined up and the toy is in use, you will not find yourself fretting over it.
Awesome interior texture, great suction, and awesome lube included!
The lid can be hard to line up on the tracks.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Using the Tenga Flip Hole is easy and simple. You start by pulling off the lid; once the lid is off, separate the two halves of the flip hole and apply lubricant (three vials of Tenga’s Hole Lotion are conveniently included with your purchase). Once the lubricant is applied, go ahead and press the two halves back together and place the lid on the opposite end of the flip hole, making sure to line up the lid correctly with the tracks.

Once in use you will find that, by pressing the middle button, you can create a mild suction feel. If you decide you have had enough suction, you can press the top button that works like a release button, and it will release the suction and its hold on you.

The size of the Tenga Flip Hole Silver is ideal for travel; the flip hole can fit easily in baggage or a briefcase. The flip hole is also light in weight and will not bog down your travel baggage, and should not put too much strain on your arms while in use.

The Tenga Flip Hole works great as a self service toy and as a couple’s toy; you will find that you can relax as your partner uses the toy on you.

Material / Texture

The interior (the sleeve) is made from TPR silicone. A hybrid of thermoplastic rubber and silicone, TPR silicone is nontoxic, hypoallergenic and phthalate free. Since this is made from TPR silicone, you can only use waterbased lubricants. If you plan on sharing your flip hole you should always use a condom, for TPR silicone can not be fully sterilized due to the porosity of the material (bacteria and germs can hide in the small pores).

The silver outer part of the Tenga is made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (often abbreviated as ABS). Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a common thermoplastic used to make light, rigid, molded products such as piping and a wide variety of other objects.

Waterbased lubricants should only be used with this toy due to the fact it is made from TPR silicone. Silicone and oil based lubricants can possibly harm or destroy the TPR silicone; silicone lubricants can even bond to the TPR silicone sleeve.

There is no noticeable smell to the toy, which is great considering a lot of toys come with a strong smell; thankfully, this does not.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

What really makes the Tenga Flip Hole Silver stand out above all others is the wonderfully designed suction system. The suction system is not overly complex; in fact it is wonderfully simple. There are three circular shaped buttons on the side that run vertically (top to bottom). The first button near the bottom, when pressed, adds more pressure to the entrance and adds a bit more stimulation. The second button or middle button, when pressed, creates a mild suction. The suction is not too powerful nor too weak: the suction created is comfortable and pleasurable. The third button or top button, when pressed, acts like a release button and removes the suction, allowing the user to exit easily.

The entrance has a nickel sized opening allowing easy passage. Once through the opening, you break through a wall and into a wondrous range of what can be described as mountains. On the side are tiny triangles that look similar to smaller mountains. Each “mountain”, big or small, is placed strategically to stimulate a certain part of the penis. The interior texture feels great, and with the added suction it feels even better.

The device should accommodate men of many sizes, and most should get a lot of stimulation. The stimulation provided is a perfect blend, not too much and not too little.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning this toy is very simple: just remove the place holder (the separator) and the Flip Hole pulls apart (vertically splits). Once the Flip hole is open, you can apply a mild anti-bacterial soap and use warm water. Since this is TPR silicone and not a pure silicone, you can not fully sterilize this and should not boil this.

Since the original packaging is not great for storage, you can use a zip lock baggy and store this in a cool, dark place. Remember to fully dry this before storing away, otherwise mold may form.

Drying is a breeze: you can use the lid/separator as a prop and prop it open (the two legs going vertical with the lid on a flat surface (as shown in the first picture on the product page). You can also open it and sit it in front of a small fan for speedy drying.


Tenga packaging typically resembles futuristic cylindrical designs, and the Tenga Flip Hole Silver is no different. The Tenga Flip Hole Silver comes in a clear plastic cylinder; the Tenga Flip standing vertical, almost looking like a monument. Behind the Flip Hole are three long vials (cylindrical tubes) of three different kinds of lube, all standing vertically. All in all, the packaging is very cool looking, but not designed for storage.

Personal comments

Tenga really is a great toy designer, and they really show that here with the Flip Hole Silver.

I really like the design of the packaging. Tenga has a knack for creating cool futuristic designs that border on being art masterpieces. The use of cylinders really makes the Flip Hole stand out. What also makes this stand out was that the Flip Hole was protected inside the packaging, adding functionality to the packaging. The only beef I have with the design is the fact that the lid can not be replaced, which means that you really can not effectively store the toy in its original container.

I really enjoyed my time with the Tenga Flip Hole. The texture was really unique and felt great. Tenga really used some thought behind this texture. In the included instruction manual there is a guide that shows all the points of pleasure and what areas of the penis are stimulated; a really interesting piece of knowledge that comes in 1 inch by 1 inch little booklet.

If I had to find one single complaint (which works out since that is all I have), it is the lid: it can be difficult to line up the lid with the tracks on the toy itself. That being said, once you manage to get it locked into proper position it works wonderfully, and there is no lube leaking out or hard edges that are created by something like those of similar toys that feature hinges (OUCH!).

I also liked the lubes that came with this. This was the first time I have ever used a cooling lube (Tenga Hole Lotion WILD). I used it unknowingly, for the packaging does not give any kind warning or description. The experience was unique, and I must say that the lube worked very well and did not have a bad smell or taste, and did last a full session. The lotion labeled “Real” was also a nice lotion; it was thicker and lasted a long time. While the mild lotion was not as thick as the “Real” lotion, it still lasted a while. All of the lubes were scentless and tasteless.

I am giving this a five star rating: my only complaint does not affect the usefulness of the toy or detract from it while in use.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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