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The Interns reviews

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34 reviews

The Interns plays like a cross between a TV pilot and an all-girl porn parody of The Devil Wears Prada, with an actual script holding the lengthy sex scenes together. If you're a fan of porn with a plot and girl-on-girl action, you'll like this one.

This movie is a terrible example of what a porn with plot can be. The story is so convoluted that I actually forgot what was happening when they brought up key points.

The interns is a beautiful all girl adult dvd. It has very good acting, and the picture quality is amazing. The women are nicely presented, and it has a decent storyline. All lesbian action dvd that I highly recommend.

Though this movie definitely has its girly-ness, I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of gender. Not all of the sex is great, but it is a really well done film and worth watching, even without the sex. All the acting is spot on, and the cinematography is excellent.

I am officially in love with Avy Scott. Julia Ann will always have a special place in my heart but Avy was a complete turn on in this DVD. I might have liked to see some toy play other than just the bonus scene but there is never anything wrong with going au natural now and then - especially when it results in juicy orgasms! I give this DVD to thumbs and three really long fingers up.

While I didn't absolutely adore this movie due to character makeup and the audio swapping a bit, overall, it had a good plot that was decently compelling and worth a second watch. I just wish they'd varied the sex scenes up with some toys and not made them so typical.

If you enjoy girl/girl porn with no toy use, great casting, and a plot as well, then the Interns is one you may enjoy. The women seem genuinely into each other and have great chemistry. The storyline isn't bad either, although the sex is repetitive from scene to scene and some scenes seem to go on a bit too long.

If you like a variety of body types and ages to your porn stars, this all female erotic film is a real treat. You may be a bit bored at times because the scenes run long, but there are plenty of orgasms! While this is not a favorite film of mine, I still enjoyed watching it a lot.

This is one all-girl movie that shows just how devious we can truly be. The sex is very nice, it's full of caressing, making out, fingering, and oral (in different positions). Also all of the ladies do an awesome job during the sex and dialogue (acting) scenes. To sum it up in just three words "I LOVE IT!"

This is an all-female feature with a strong plot. The sex scenes are somewhat repetitive but they're still fun to watch.

I'm no connoisseur of lesbian porn,but I did like this one. It was entertaining, hot, and sexy. I appreciated how the film was sensual and intended for a female audience. It is about passionate, sexy women who lust for one another. They seem to really be enjoying themselves. My favorite scene is the first one, loved the thigh-riding and scissoring in this film. Looks like "real" sex. No excessive moaning and groaning.

If you like girl on girl action, then this is the movie for you. With a beautiful cast and nice sets, you are sure to like this film. The plot is good as well. Warning for all the men, this is made for women, lots of kissing and foreplay. If it weren't for the scenes being in the same order, I would give it an A+.

This is not your run-of-the-mill lesbian porn. This glamour-packed movie delivers pure star power. The plot is enticing, the set design is convincing the lighting is great, the sound is crisp and clear, and the soundtrack is great! And to top it off, the sex scenes are undoubtedly not only the sexiest lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen, but perhaps the best sex scenes I’ve seen overall. Definitely worth watching again and again.

The Interns combines a well-conceived plot, decent acting, beautiful scenery and clothes, and a lot of heavy girl on girl action to make an entertaining movie. It features attractive, natural looking women who seem to enjoy themselves while having sex, but the scenes go on for far too long. The sex is repetitive and would have been more interesting and varied with toys, but the plot does manage to hold one’s attention.

One of the best all-girl titles I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Really top-notch stuff I'd recommend to anybody who gets their kicks from lesbian erotica.

I love this movie. It has nice editing and lighting. The bond between the actresses was something wonderful to see. At the end, it leaves you in suspense wanting more.

The Interns features beautiful ladies doing what ladies do best, backstab and orgasm. These ladies are all on the fast track, trying to make it in a cutthroat industry but they aren't missing out on the perks along the way! If you love all girl porn, this will give you something to enjoy!

Interns is a porno flick that manages to combine a believable plot, good acting, and sweet juicy lady loving. There is plenty of hot girl/girl action here. The scenes are erotic and sexually charged with real intimacy, passion, and chemistry between the lovely ladies in this film.

If you are a girly girl, and you love girl ON girl, this is probably the porn for you. Women in fashion on women in fashion in a highly competitive, high drama office setting. Though the sex is fairly routine, the women are hot, the acting is pretty good, and the plot is decent. On the other hand, if you desire kink in your porn, this video will probably fall short of your expectations.

Interns avoids some of the issues that seem to plague the girl/girl genre, for it is not boring or repetitive. Sure it doesn’t offer the same caliber of hardcore action as a Belladonna flick, but it still offers some great action. This film also features some great looking performers, in particularly Allie Haze! If you are into the Girl/Girl genre, then you will surly love this.

Fashion industry interns and bosses getting it on- the superficiality of their business carries into superficial sex that is fluffy and mostly pure exhibitionism. There are a few redeeming moments, but mostly I couldn't tell if these ladies were actually enjoying themselves. A lot of the humping is like straight sex. Would somebody please give these girls some strap-ons!?

This movie is made more for the female (lesbian) audience, rather than the male audience. The love scenes went on too long, and it became hard to keep track of the plot. The lack of any kind of a toy, or even the lack of any males in the movie, made the sex scenes extremely repetitive and long. That being said, it is a good movie to watch, but to me, it is a movie that should be watched a part at a time( like a mini-series).

The Interns is a well-made, plot driven film that features attractive women having very hot and realistic sex with each other. Are you up for the job?

For an introduction into lesbian porn, I would recommend this one. The plot gets lost at times, but chemistry is certainly evident between characters. I enjoyed seeing the different reasons each character had for their choices in getting ahead.

Where other porns let you down with a under-emphasized plot, The Interns delivers. In fact, there's even a mode where you can view the movie, albeit short, sans sex. There are gorgeous ladies and some pretty decent acting that rounds out this film making it a must-see for porn beginners and those women who need a storyline to keep their attention. In order to maintain the enjoyability of the film, I won't reveal much of the plot.

Do you like your porn with some girl, more girl, ohhh and even more girl??? This one is full on girl action with no men or penis shaped objects in sight. As long as you don't mind dealing initially with their catty gossip behaviour, this one does have a decent storyline. Throw in some toys and this one would be a great lesbian porno.

If you like to watch women behaving like mean spirited bitches straight out of the annals of any high school then this is the movie for you. For me I don't like soap opera like twists and backstabbing plots so this movie will probably become a gift to someone who can appreciate this sort of flick. The sex scenes are between beautiful women who seem to be enjoying themselves and have good chemistry but they drag on an unnecessarily long time.

Overall, I am going to give this movie 3/5 stars. There was some plot in the movie, but considering the length of the movie, with no toys, they quickly repeated themselves in each scene. Only the first scene really aroused me as I watched it, and towards the end I was wanting to fast forward. I however really enjoyed Samantha Ryan in this, and will be looking for more movies that feature her.

With this film, you get hot sexy ladies doing what ever it takes to reach the top of the corporate ladder, and they really do go all the way. It's a great porn with a great plot. It's all girl/girl, and all the scenes were pretty repetitive, but you can't really expect too much when it's all girls. I'm not into lesbian porn, but I though this was a pretty good movie.

Finally, a film out there that celebrates plot porn, girl on girl, enjoyment of sex, and healthy bodies! Immerse yourself in the world of girl on girl sex from a female perspective. So what happens when you become an intern and are at the bottom? Just find out in this fantasy world of sex and lies! You have to cum if you want to reach the top or do you?

The movie, featuring all sorts of lesbian interns in a well-developed plot, isn't a bad porn movie if you like to watch your adult movie in short spurts. However, the plot itself can be a huge turn-off, and I wish there was some variety in the sex that was presented in the movie.

This is an excellent movie to begin watching girl-on-girl if you haven't before. It is well-made and a lot of effort was put into the clothes, sets and music.

The Interns, made by women for women, combines a more in depth plot than you usually find in a porn movie with beautiful sets and clothing and nice camera work. The lengthy sex scenes don't have as much variety as I was hoping for however.

Men would probably like this film, it might have even brought out the closet lesbian that I didn't even know existed within me. The actresses really seemed to enjoy themselves which was a huge turn-on and nice to see for a change. Great film for a newcomer to porn and for someone who needs a story to follow.

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