The Interns by New Sensations - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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Devious Interns: The not so nice boss, and a back stabbing Ruth!

Interns avoids some of the issues that seem to plague the girl/girl genre, for it is not boring or repetitive. Sure it doesn’t offer the same caliber of hardcore action as a Belladonna flick, but it still offers some great action. This film also features some great looking performers, in particularly Allie Haze! If you are into the Girl/Girl genre, then you will surly love this.
Great action, good acting, good plot, and insanely hot talent!
Cliff hanger ending!
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Front Cover:
The front cover is extremely attractive with its super sexy picture of Julia Ann and Samantha Ryan kissing. The over all color scheme works very well, the gold highlights make the darker colors stand out, and it just beams sexiness.

Back cover:
As with most Adult DVDs, this film’s back cover features several “Bang Shots”, which are screen captures that showcase the sex. Even with all the nudity and sex on the back cover, it still seems to give off an elegant vibe. I really liked the back cover, and I think that it serves its purpose quite well.

The menus are attractive and easy to navigate, and provide a catchy background song. I think it would have been great to have the full song play in the background instead of only a small portion, but I am not sure about the tech details that may have prevented this.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with Samantha Ryan trying to convince a client into featuring her fashion designs in her employer’s magazine. The client’s mind is made up and she is going to go with Samantha’s competitor. Samantha senses that the client is attracted to her so she devises a plan, when the client leaves to retrieve the designs, she accidentally spills wine on her blouse. Samantha takes off her blouse in front of the client, and then her bra, the client is turned on, and the two share a kiss. The action doesn’t stop at kissing; the pair also rubs and caresses one another, rubs their vaginas together, and finally perform oral sex.

The next scene starts with Julia Ann conducting a business meeting (Julia Ann plays a complete…not a very nice person!), in the meeting she demands and demeans her employees, and concludes it by announcing that Samantha has acquired the exclusive rights to showcase a major fashion designer in their magazine. Meanwhile two interns conspire to take down another intern named Ruth by pretending to be Ruth and offering (by phone) a model the cover page and a large sum of model.

Michelle Lay, a photographer taking photos of Charlie Lane and Sara Stone is attracted to Charlie, but Charlie does not seem interested in her, and tells her she wishes to remain professional. Charlie explains that she was told by Ruth that she would be on the cover; Michelle laughs at her and tells her that she is naïve, no intern can make such an offer, and that the real decider is her. Charlie concocts a plan, she seduces Michelle and Sara, and the three have a three way.

In Julia’s office, Samantha and Julia are seated and engaged in conversation. Julia explains that in order to get a staff position with the magazine, Samantha will have to handle some confidential matters. Julia explains that she feels her husband is cheating on her with his secretary. Julia feels that she is no longer sexy in the eyes of her husband, and she notices that Samantha is doing well in the guy department. Julia asks Samantha to teach her how to be sexy so that she can seduce her husband. Samantha comes up with an idea, she has some new and the latest fashion of sexy lingerie and tells Julia to try them on. At first hesitant, Julia concedes. Samantha tells her that she must be more dominate, like she is during the meetings, and one thing leads to another and the two have sex with lots of kissing, touching and oral play.

Allie Haze and Ruth (Zoe Britton) are in the ladies restroom, discussing current gossip. Ruth tells Allie that rumor has it that Samantha and Julia have been “working late” a lot lately; she also explains that Samantha has done this before in her previous jobs, she sleeps her way to the top and then files a law suit against the company. Unaware to them, Julia is in one of the stalls and over hears the conversation.

Later Allie and Ruth are home talking, Ruth is thrilled, apparently the rumors Ruth said earlier was a lie, and she knew about Julia being present. Allie was disgusted by the lies and tells Ruth to do her dirty work alone next time. Ruth disrobes and asks Allie if she is sure about what she is saying. The two kiss, and then have sex that consists of lots of touching, caressing and, oral sex.

Later, an angry Julia visits Ruth; she offers Ruth the promotion that she had just given to Samantha, in exchange for her discretion and her support if legal troubles arise. Ruth also requests that she show her what she does with Samantha. The two then begin to kiss, and the two have sex, with lots of touching and oral play.

The next scene shows Samantha unpacking her things at her office, she calls a woman who is apparently her lover (not Julia), tells her that she will have enough money soon to get their electric turned back on. Samantha tells the mystery woman that she will do “what ever it takes”.

The End.

Camera work:
The picture quality was excellent, as you would expect, this was shot in HD and the picture quality has few to no blemishes. The camera angles were superb, and always showed the action clearly, while showcasing the performers’ best assets.

Sound work:
The sound quality was very good and had no volume or dialogue issues. The soundtrack was very good and fit the film well.

Bonus Features:
Photo Gallery
16x9 Widescreen Format

Personal Comments:
For me, someone who has never been into the All Girl genre (not that I dislike it) this film, I really liked. I often get bored with all girl/girl films, there is only so much of kiss this, lick that before I get bored, I think that Interns did a fabulous job keeping me entertained. I wish more all girl features would be like this, I would be more willing to purchase them if they were.

Allie Haze is just scorching hot, I think you could put this woman in full head to toe artic gear with only her eyes visible and she would amazingly beautiful. Moving past the obvious, she did a fantastic job with what little spoken dialogue she had, and did an even better job with her sex scene. In my opinion she was the highlight of this film, it would have been nice to see Allie in a more prominent role.

Julia Ann also did a good job, this was the first film I have seen of her that she adopted such a feisty attitude, and I think she did a very good job. As for Samantha Ryan, well she was the lead for a reason; she has talent when it comes to acting and when it comes to her sexual performances. Samantha Ryan was great in this film.

The plot of this film was alright, if you are into fashion, you may end up loving it, but for me it was just alright. I liked the back stabbing, the drama, and all that comes with it; it seemed… real, except for when they started having sex, then it just seemed like an adult film. I am interested in the sequel (if one is made) because the cliff hanger ending.

I am going to give this film a 5 star rating, for the great action, good acting and decent storyline. I feel that while I have never been into Girl/Girl because of the repetitiveness, I felt that this is a step in the good direction.
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  • leatherlover
    Great review. I am also looking forward to the sequel.
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    Great review as usual.
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    Awesome review. I can't wait to see Interns 2.
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